Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the latest game by FromSoftware, the developers who brought us Dark Souls, Demon Souls, and Bloodborne. And just like its predecessors, Sekiro is incredibly tough; so much so that some players are guaranteed to rage quit or even hurl their controllers away in frustration. But that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a hit with both gamers and critics; it’s currently one of the best-rated games of 2019.

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The bosses in Sekiro are arguably the best reason to play the game. They are tough, fast and brutal. Fighting them needs patience and, to some extent, muscle memory. So, here are all the Sekiro bosses, ranked just for you!

10 Lady Butterfly

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Lady Butterfly is an old ninja woman and a mistress of illusions, and you can find her at the basement of the Hirata Estate. This location is a trap she set for you. Despite her appearance, she is one of the easiest bosses in the game.

You just have to deflect her attacks and close the distance whenever she moves away; the latter will keep her from throwing her kunai. She also has a slow attack speed, so you can interrupt her attacks by hitting her.


9 Divine Dragon

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This is one creepy looking monster. However, he’s not the hardest boss to beat. You’ll find him in the Divine Realm, which you can access by reaching the Palace Grounds idol, climbing a long, winding staircase until the top, then entering a small cave and praying.

At first, you will find some strange creatures with flutes. Once you beat them—which is not that hard, to be honest—a monstrous dragon will appear. This one will be more of a challenge, though not on the level of some of the other bosses in Sekiro.

8 Folding Screen Monkeys

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This isn’t just one boss, but four different ones, and you have to face them all at the same time. There is an invisible “Doing” monkey, a green “Hearing” monkey, an orange “Speaking” monkey, and a purple “Seeing” monkey. They will constantly mock you as they run around, and if you approach any of them without a tactic, they will warn each other and evade you.

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Dealing with these monkeys is no walk in the park, as you have to figure out how to deal with each one. Strategy is key with the Folding Screen Monkeys.

7 Gyoubu Oniwa

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Also called the Horse Boss, Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa is a boss you encounter early in the game. You can find him close to the Ashina Castle Gate Fortress Idol, at a battlefield with corpses of horses and warriors.

He’s quite aggressive since he attacks using his spear while mounted on his horse and he keeps shouting his name as he declares that you will not pass. Gyoubu is incredibly quick, but his massive size makes him a big target.

6 Corrupted Monk

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When you go past Mibu Village, you will notice something odd with the villagers: they appear to be protecting something. At the end of the village, near a cave, you will encounter the Corrupted Monk. Fighting him is a challenge as he performs unblockable attacks either at the end or at the start of his combos.

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These attacks cause serious damage. But he’s not impossible to beat. He only has one health bar, even though it contains a considerable amount of health. Plus, he’s massive, making him an easier target, and his attacks are slow.

5 Guardian Ape

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Sekiro’s Guardian Ape is the main guardian of the Lotus of the Palace, located in the Sunken Valley. He is covered with white fur but has a red scar from the top of his head down to his left eye. In the first phase of the fight, he runs around on all four of his limbs.

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However, once you deal him the first deathblow, he comes back to life and attacks you with his sword while holding his decapitated head in the other hand.

4 Genichiro Ashina

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At the start of the game, this is the warrior who slices off your arm without breaking a sweat. When you encounter him again, it’s time for your vengeance. However, Genichiro Ashina is one of the toughest bosses you will face.

His sword skills are deadly, but that’s not all he has up his sleeve; he also uses lightning abilities and a bow attack. So, he’s pretty fast and all his blows deal a massive amount of damage.

3 Great Shinobi Owl

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In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, there is a moment when you’re given an ultimatum by a shinobi on the roof: you can join him, or you can break the code of the Shinobi. If your choice is to break the Shinobi code, he will attack you.

With the Great Shinobi Owl, each mistake will cost you greatly. He uses a charm which forms a green mist that keeps you from healing during the fight, and he uses a mix of shurikens, powerful slashes, and even poison.

2 Demon of Hatred

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There are a few optional bosses in Sekiro, and the Demon of Hatred is one of them. However, that doesn’t make him easy. In fact, he’s one of the most annoying bosses in the game, and he will make you question ever challenging him in the first place.

First of all, he is massive. You’ll feel like you’re in Shadow of the Colossus. And to add to this, he also has unblockable attacks, temporary invincibility, and he hurls fireballs at you. All these make for a lengthy fight, where every mistake is punished severely. This is one fight where you cannot afford to lose focus.

1 Isshin, The Sword Saint

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Tough doesn’t even begin to describe this fight. You will find Isshin, the Sword Saint, at the Ashina Reservoir, down the tunnel and close to the Secret Passage Sculptor’s Idol. The fight actually starts against Genichiro, a sort of prologue boss. When you beat him, Isshin appears from the corpse.

He employs a number of moves, including a stealth-slash, Palm Strike, Thrusting Slash, a three-slash combo and more. To survive this fight, you need to be aggressive and meticulous with your timing. It’s a draining fight, and you will die a lot of times. But defeating Isshin will make it all worth it.

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