The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will forever be one of the most beautiful and replayed open-world titles to ever grace a home console. It gave new life to the series, and the kingdom of Hyrule couldn't have looked better. That's a fact almost all gamers have universally accepted, but what about those who are tired of paragliding and picking off Bokoblins?

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Fortunately, the open-world genre is ripe with a selection of new worlds to explore. And while Hyrule will always be that beautiful fantasy realm of legend, there are plenty of other kingdoms that need saving.

10 Tamriel (Skyrim)

Skyrim promo art

Skyrim has a bit of a reputation, but that doesn't stop players from coming back over and over again. Why else would it be ported to console after console so many times?

The game is basically an entire fantasy realm contained in a single disc or digital download. Follow the story, don't follow the story, fight for right or be an agent of chaos. At the end of the day, the choice is entirely the player's.


9 Gransys (Dragon’s Dogma)


For those that were burned over and over again by the Souls series but wanted to explore a realm of magic and monsters, Dragon's Dogma is the answer. In this ARPG by Capcom, tradition is the name of the game.

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The realm is classic as one can find in terms of fantasy settings. Dungeons can be explored, dragons will inevitably be slain, and there are more than enough swords-and-sorcery to go around. Simple yet effective.

8 Ancient Egypt (Assassin’s Creed Origins)

The Assassin's Creed series has stretched across time periods, settings, and cultures. And while its recent foray into the realm of Vikings is an easy contender for this spot, it's Origin's collection of pyramids and tombs that takes the cake.

Simply put, Origins is gorgeous. Never has a desert environment been so vibrant and full of adventure. The game's adaptation of ancient Egypt practically pleads to be explored like a freshly-found tomb.

7 The Kingdoms (Super Mario Odyssey)

Mario has always done well when it comes to exploring new places, so why not give him a bigger area to play with. Or better yet, why not give him multiple worlds to explore?

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New Donk City is a particular favorite, but the likes of Tostarenan and the Cap Kingdom. Even the zany cartoony world of the Mushroom Kingdom has been given a larger than life revamp. It's definitely a must-own title for any Switch player

6 Erdrea (Dragon Quest XI)

Dragon Quest XI is possibly the most beautiful game featured on this list. And with such a lush and vibrant realm like Erdrea, it's impossible not to see why.

In no exaggeration, there are moments of wandering in the game where the urge to just stop and take it all in is overwhelming. From deserts to forests, there are loads of nooks and crannies of this world to seek out.

5 The New World (Monster Hunter World)

How does one describe a world that has no official name? How about bountiful, impressive, and monster-infested?

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Monster Hunter World goes above and beyond the call of duty of any other game in the franchise. There are more environments to explore, more monsters to hunt, and lots and lots of crafting. There's no way one won't get lost in this world.

4 The Continent (The Witcher III)

Witcher 3 Geralt on Skellige

One of the deepest and most beautiful RPG titles in recent years has to be The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. While it might fall into a few other fantasy tropes like others on this list, there are more than enough quests and sidequests to keep gamers occupied for weeks.

There are those games that just suck players in, but Wild Hunt's realm will absolutely suck them in. The main quest is gripping and exciting enough, but one will definitely be forgiven for getting sidetracked.

3 Amalur (Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur Forest

Kingdoms of Amalur is possibly the most overlooked and underplayed title of the PS3 era. Fortunately, it has been given a second chance on the PS4 with the Re-Reckoning edition, and it shouldn't be missed.

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Imagine if Warcraft and Skyrim had a baby, that's Amalur. It's a vibrant and impressive world that's pulled straight from the mind of R.A. Salvatore. Perfect for those seeking out a uniquely magical experience.

2 Tsushima (Ghosts of Tsushima)

Ghost of Tsushima Jin Sakai Cover Art

One of the most beautiful games on the PS4, Ghosts of Tsushima gives gamers the ninja Assassin's Creed they've always wanted, but with so much more to offer.

Jumping into Tsushima is like stepping into a Kurosawa film. Not only does it come with some serious hack-and-slash action, but a haunting beauty rarely recreated in an action title. How did this game not win the Game of the Year award again?

1 Ancient Greece (Immortals: Fenyx Rising)

immortals fenyx rising flying

Fenyx Rising wears its BotW influence on its sleeve, but there's nothing wrong with that. If gamers are impatient for the BotW sequel, they can whet their appetites with this world of gods and monsters.

This game might be a little more colorful and comical than God of Warbut this realm is loaded with mythical creatures and beings to battle over and over again. And the commentary between Zeus and Prometheus? Just icing on the cake.

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