Armor has always played an interesting role in The Legend of Zelda. In the original Zelda, Link could find the Blue and Red Rings to increase his defense; Zelda II introduced a defense spell; and A Link to the Past featured two stronger Tunics in the vein of the Rings. Beyond a few other instances (lowered fire/ice resistance while wearing the Zora Tunic in Twilight Princess), armor has never had as much prominence as Link’s weapons in Zelda. Until Breath of the Wild.

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Alongside a myriad of changes, Breath of the Wild actually makes armor important. Not only does Link not have his signature green Tunic (now relegated to an unlockable after completing all 120 Shrines), there are Set Bonuses to take into consideration. Link can equip three pieces of armor at any given time: on his head, on his body, and one on his legs.

When Link wears a full Set, he gets a Bonus that affects his stats in some capacity. The Zora Set allows Link to swim faster underwater, swim up waterfalls, and even spin attack enemies in the water. That said, each piece of gear comes with its own benefits. Found in a chest at Toto Lake, the Zora Helm increases Link’s swimming speed while giving him access to the Spin Attack.

The Zora Set

Breath of the Wild Zora Armor Link Ceremonial Trident

It’s worth discussing the Zora Set as a whole. Beyond just the Zora Helm, Link can also obtain the Zora Armor and the Zora Greaves. The Zora Armor can be obtained during the Vah Ruta questline right before Link & Sidon’s assault on the Divine Beast. When equipped, the Zora Armor increases Link’s swim speed and lets him swim up waterfalls.

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The Zora Greaves are a reward for completing the Lynel Safari side quest in Zora’s Domain. After taking a picture of a Red-Maned Lynel, Link can show the photo to Laflat to get the Graves. When equipped, the Zora Greaves do nothing else but equip Link’s swimming speed. When combined with the Zora Armor and Zora Helm, however, Link’s speed rises significantly and his Stamina drain is reduced considerably in water.

To Toto Lake

Toto Lake

The Zora Helm can be found inside of a chest in Toto Lake just northwest of Zora’s Domain. It’s suggested to only go after the Zora Helm after already obtaining the Zora Armor as part of the Vah Ruta questline, since the fastest way to Toto Lake is by swimming up a waterfall in Zora’s Domain. Keep in mind you don’t actually need to complete the Divine Beast to actually get the Zora Armor.

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If you don’t have the Zora Armor yet, speak to King Dorephan and agree to defeat the Divine Beast. Once Link has his Zora Armor equipped, heads towards the northern waterfall and swim all the way up. This will bring players right in front of Toto Lake, allowing you to stroll forward and explore the submerged ruins.

Finding The Zora Helm

Zora Helm 2

As mentioned, the Zora Helm will be found in a treasure chest underwater. Head into Toto Lake and swim towards the center ruins. Swim all the way out to a lone broken platform and climb up on top of it. Now activate Magnesis to see a chest submerged underwater. Carefully pull out the chest and place it onto the platform Link is on. Once opened, players will finally get their hands on the Zora Helm. If you have the rest of the armor set, Link will be able to swim with the grace of a Zora for the rest of the game.

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