Lost Sectors are miniature dungeons that players can find throughout Destiny 2's various planets. They consist of a few small areas before players come across a final boss that protects a chest. While they don't provide much loot, they are the best method of farming bounty and quest objectives.

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However, not all Lost Sectors were created equal. There are some Lost Sectors in the game that are universally regarded as terrible amongst the community while others are farmed more frequently than strikes. Some Lost Sectors also hold some sentimental value for players or have a unique gimmick to make them memorable. From Fallen DJs to Ogre fights, here are the five best and most hated Lost Sectors in Destiny 2.

10 Best: The Orrery (Nessus)

Destiny 2 The Orrery

Plenty of Nessus bounties have been farmed at the Orrery, the first Lost Sector players stumble across when they visit Artifact's Edge. It is a rather unremarkable location itself, housing a few dozen Vex and a Minotaur boss.

Many love this zone because of how simple it is. It isn't a miniature strike, it doesn't have any strange gimmicks, and it doesn't have incredibly tough opponents for you to kill. The area is at a convenient location, is a great location to get a whole variety of weapon bounties done at, and it is beautiful to boot.


9 Hates: Veles Labyrinth (Cosmodrome)

Destiny 2 Forgotten Shore

Recently introduced in Beyond Light, the new Veles Labyrinth Lost Sector in the Cosmodrome is the definition of mediocre. Found in the Forgotten Shore, this network of narrow tunnels guides you to a much larger arena that spawns Hive through a massive portal.

That sounds great in theory, so what's wrong with it? The tunnels are filled with Thralls and Cursed variants that exist to get a cheap death from the player, especially on higher difficulties such as Master Lost Sector runs. The open arena has little going on, with nearly all of the combat happening in a small platform where the Hive portal is. The boss is nothing noteworthy, either. Vales Labyrinth is as generic as Lost Sectors get, which is a massive shame considering this is one of Bungie's latest Lost Sectors.

8 Best: Cargo Bay 3 (Titan)

Destiny 2 Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector

Cargo Bay 3 was the ultimate Lost Sector for testing perks and armor Mods before the Tribute Hall was added in Year 2. This Lost Sector on Titan was an open cargo hold that contained a wide host of Hive opponents and a tanky Ogre boss that many referred to as "Greg".

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Greg would be used as the ultimate test of a weapon's DPS. It was common to see people head to Titan just to test their new gear against this iconic Hive boss. Now that the Darkness has reached Titan, this location no longer exists. Rest in peace, Greg. You will be missed.

7 Hates: DS Quarters-2 (Titan)

Destiny 2 DS Quarters-2

Just next to the iconic Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector is the underwhelming DS Quarters-2 Lost Sector on Titan. This area consisted of a few small arenas that were packed with Cursed Thralls and other Hive-based foes.

There was nothing remarkable about this location, not even its appearance. It was just a massive waste of world space for a planet with such great art design.

6 Best: K1 Revelations (Moon)


Otherwise known as "Moon Bounties: The Lost Sector" by the community, the Moon's K1 Revelations Lost Sector is jam-packed with hundreds of Hive opponents in a rather small location.

Immediately when you enter this location, you are greeted with nearly 20 Hive opponents standing close together. Pushing through the area will reveal additional packs of Hive Acolytes, a few Wizards, and some breakable crystals that reveal the final Ogre Nightmare. It's a fast Lost Sector to clear and has a plethora of foes to slay. There is no question that this Lost Sector is a large reason why farming Moon bounties for experience is so efficient.

5 Hates: Pariah's Refuge (Mercury)

Destiny 2 Pariah's Refuge

Mercury's only Lost Sector, Pariah's Refuge is a great example of how a series of large rooms isn't enough to make a compelling combat space. The open arenas you need to blast through have so much cover and areas to maneuver to that no enemies pose a serious threat.

Pariah's Refuge has a solid amount of enemies to slay, but the issue is that it is located on Mercury, generally regarded as the worst planet in the franchise's history.

4 Best: Bunker E15 (Europa)

Destiny 2 Bunker E15

Bunker E15 is easily one of the most memorable Lost Sectors in Destiny 2. This Europa Lost Sector located in Eventide Ruins is filled with enemies to kill, security frames to free, and has a fantastic final boss arena.

No other Lost Sector in Destiny 2 lets you rescue over a dozen friendly AI and battle alongside them. Bunker E15 is filled with Vex cages that house a few security frames in them. Freeing the AI will cause them to fight by your side and follow you to the final boss room. Once you reach the final arena, prepare to face off against a small army of Vex as your group of security frames provide backup. Few Lost Sectors are as fun as this one.

3 Hates: The Quarry (EDZ)

Destiny 2 The Quarry

Season of the Worthy is the main reason why Guardians hate the EDZ's Quarry Lost Sector. All you need to do is push through two rooms inside a cave and kill a boss to unlock the final chest.

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The issue is that this zone is a living nightmare to beat on higher difficulties. Legendary Lost Sectors that were present in Season of the Worthy filled this small arena with Colossus Champions and tough melee Cabal opponents. Those issues aren't present now since there is no Legendary version of this zone, but the sheer pain of finishing that Lost Sector to earn the Fourth Horseman has turned the Quarry into one of the most hated areas in the game.

2 Best: The Empty Tank (Tangled Shore)

Destiny 2 The Empty Tank

Guardians get to barge into a Fallen party in the Tangled Shore's Empty Tank Lost Sector. Once you fight the Fallen bouncer that is protecting the entrance, you will soon get to fight a small cabal of Fallen before pushing to the boss arena.

If the DJ Servitor playing Destiny-themed music wasn't enough, the final boss arena is a proper arena. You will need to survive against a few waves of Cabal and Fallen before the final boss will present itself. From the unique music to the final arena, this Lost Sector is easily the best of the bunch.

1 Hates: Bay Of Drowned Wishes (Dreaming City)

Destiny 2 Bay Of Drowned Wishes

By far the worst Lost Sector in Destiny 2 is the Bay of Drowned Wishes in the Dreaming City. This foggy environment spawns dozens of Scorn Screebs and Ravagers to charge you.

These enemies are easy to deal with since there is virtually no cover obscuring your view. After killing hundreds of them, you are met with a small group of Scorn followed by a rather generic final boss. This Lost Sector discourages you from pushing forward when nearly every good Lost Sector does the opposite. There's no cover to play around or any clever tactics to employ. It's just a wave of explosive foes and a generic boss. The Bay of Drowned Wishes has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

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