The Witch Queen approaches slowly but surely with each passing season in Destiny 2. We got our first look at what the expansion's armor might look like in Bungie's state of the game-style blog post last winter, and now we're getting another teaser midway through Season of the Splicer.

It's definitely the Hunter armor that was previewed, with its round hood and jet-black faceplate. You can see the initial star-arrow design has been replaced by what looks like a floating fence post, which is presumably some sort of ward against Hive magic much like the armor from Shadowkeep.

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But what’s more important is what’s behind the Hunter. It’s out of focus, but the background certainly appears to be an ancient urban ruin. You can just make out some wrecked cars and what looks like a lamppost lining a street that’s overgrown with vines.

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As many Reddit and Twitter posts point out, this might be our first look at a long-rumored location that was part of Destiny’s initial development: Old Chicago.

Old Chicago was shown in concept art way back before Destiny first released but was cut before release. It's a location mentioned many times in Destiny 2 lore and has recently shown up on armor sets in Season of the Hunt and Season of the Chosen. A swampy morass after the Hive invaded, Old Chicago is rumored to contain several Black Armory vaults as well as a manufacturing hub for Exos similar to Europa.

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Savanthun is supposed to have made Old Chicago her home following the Collapse, so Witch Queen bringing Old Chicago as a brand new zone would make a lot of sense,


Besides this week's TWAB, a recent podcast revealed Bungie also has plans to buff Hand Cannons, Scout Rifles, and Machine Guns in PvE content, while the latest patch may finally have nerfed Stasis to where it's no longer the only option in Destiny 2's PvP game modes.

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NetEase called it a bug, but others called it a feature. 

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