The Rocket Radar — which allows Pokémon GO players to easily seek out invaded Pokéstops — is now available to buy in the game's store.

Batman has the Joker. Mario has Bowser. Sonic has Dr. Robotnik. Every great hero, and great franchise, needs an almost as formidable enemy to battle against again and again and again. For Pokémon and its many characters, the villains have been Team Rocket since day one. That's why it was inevitable that they would one day show up in Pokémon GO.

That inevitability finally happened earlier this year (where have they been for the last three?). Team Rocket grunts started to appear in-game, using their shadow Pokémon to take over Pokéstops. Trainers have since been tasked with seeking out these tainted stops, battling the grunts, and rescuing the poor Pokémon under Team Rocket's control.

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Trainers were also required to seek out six Mysterious Components. Find all six and they would fit together to form a Rocket Radar. A handy tool that players can use to track down grunts more easily. Using it transforms the map to show its user all of the nearby stops that are under the control of Team Rocket, thus making it far easier to track them down in order to defeat the grunts and save the world.

Mysterious Components are rewarded for defeating grunts. However, as pointed out on Reddit, you can now bypass some of the work and build a ready-made Rocket Radar from the Pokémon GO in-game store. At the low-low cost of 200 Pokécoins, we'd say it is definitely worth the money if it means knowing where those pesky grunts are right away and without a lot of the leg work.


The Mysterious Components collection aspect of Team Rocket being added to Pokémon GO was fun to usher it in, but adding the Rocket Radar to the store at this point makes sense. If players want to spend a little bit of real-life money to bypass that part of the game now, they can do. If they'd prefer to keep their Pokécoins where they are and build a Rocket Radar the old-fashioned way, they can do that too.

Source: Reddit

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