Although the battle royale genre isn't as popular as it was a year or two ago, that doesn't stop game developers from trying their hand at perfecting the formula with their own battle royale games. One such contender is Call of Duty: Warzone, which seems to be doing very well as of late. Most battle royale games come with their own mechanics and styles of play that make them feel unique, meaning players have to know the ins and outs in order to play like pros. Sure, it might be enough to be good at aiming to get you far into a round, but it's the little things that mean the difference between winning and losing.

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In this list, you will get to know the things that every new player of Call of Duty: Warzone should know before picking up the game and starting it up.

10 Sharing Money Is Important

While in another game, sharing money might only seem like a kind gesture, in Call of Duty: Warzone, sharing the cash you and your teammates pick up may save you all from a collective loss. Buy Stations are places in the game where you can use the money you accumulated to buy upgrades and the like, but they also function as redeployment points. If you are downed and your teammates have enough cash among them, they can pay to have you respawn and continue with the match.

Having one teammate hold all the cash is not the best strategy, because, if they get sniped and the rest of your team can't afford to redeploy them, you will be one player shorter in your team.


9 No Time To Be Cheap

Because this game has shops that sell upgrades, being stingy and saving all the money you gather does not pay off. Spending money is very important, as it can net you useful abilities and upgrades such as self-reviving after being downed. It's also important to note that all the money you have on you is lost after you are killed, even if you get revived. This means that there is practically no reason for you to not spend as much money as you can as early and often as possible.

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Although you may want to save up your money to buy a certain upgrade, it is never guaranteed that you will survive long enough.

8 Respect The Circle

Every battle royale game incorporates a system where the area in which living players can duke it out gets smaller throughout the match, usually in the shape of a circle. In some games, such as Fortnite, being outside the circle means taking small amounts of damage constantly until you make your way back into the safe zone. Being outside of the circle in Call of Duty: Warzone, however, means a rather quick loss for you.

Everything outside the circle is filled with gas that does a lot of damage quickly, meaning tactics of sneaking around just outside of the circle do not work here.

7 Vehicles Are Like Big Targets

When playing a game like this where the map is large and time is of the essence for you and your team, using a vehicle you find on the side of the road may seem like a good idea. Although that may work for a short while, do not get too attached to it, as it can lead to your downfall. Using vehicles such as trucks or helicopters puts you at risk because of one sole reason: they are extremely loud, meaning they paint a big target on your team's back.

Being sneaky and effective is key to winning matches in battle royales, so, using loud vehicles that attract everyone's attention is not optimal in the long run.

6 The Gulag Gives A Second Chance

Another important mechanic that this game uses is the gulag. Upon death, you will get a chance to get back into the game by going to the gulag and having a one-on-one fight with another player. If you win, you will essentially be revived and be able to continue with the game, but, if you lose, it will be a game over for you. Keep in mind that you only get this opportunity once per match, so make sure not to die once you win the fight in the gulag.

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So, if you get downed during a match, be ready for a fight that gives you a chance at getting back into the game.

5 Health And Armor

It is usual in battle royale games to have a form of armor, and this game is no exception. All players can use vests to protect their health, but, in order to get any use from them, they have to fill them with up to three plates. In addition, players can carry five plates at a time, meaning they can share them with their teammates. What's different from most battle royale games is the health system; instead of using life bars and healing items, it regenerates after not taking any damage for a while.

These mechanics impact gameplay quite a lot, so it's important to know that you don't need health kits to replenish health before you start the game and run across the entire map looking for healing items.

4 Contracts May Teach You New Styles Of Play

A mechanic that we haven't seen a lot in other battle royale games is the addition of contracts that push players to try out different playstyles in order to get rewards. These contracts are randomized for each match and can have you and your team hunt down specific players, open specific supply crates, or hold designated areas for a period of time. This way, players are incentivized to play more aggressively or carefully, depending on the contract, pushing them to learn new playstyles.

It's good that more games work towards methods of making players go out of their comfort zones through reward systems, and Call of Duty: Warzone is a great example.

3 Guns Don't Usually Have Attachments

Most of the guns that players will come across while playing Call of Duty: Warzone don't have attachments on them, nor can they get any attachments to put onto their guns. Instead, players can find unique variants of base guns with attachments already installed. These guns are easily identifiable because all of them have unique names. You can get these from supply crates, or buying them for your custom loadouts for a hefty sum.

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Make sure to loot every supply crate you come across to get more effective weapons, as you can't upgrade the ones you'll find randomly in the game.

2 Pinging Is Key To Sharing Info

When playing with teammates, sometimes it might be difficult to convey info to each other in the heat of a battle. To save you and your team the trouble, the game offers a pinging system, which identifies and shows anything that might be of importance as soon as you spot it and push a button. You can use pings to show your team where you saw enemies last, or even loot, which saves you time from describing the location verbally.

This is a great system that every player should utilize during matches because it has all the benefits without any drawbacks.

1 Pick Fights According To Your Gear

Weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone are usually specialized to excel in certain catagories, but they fall short on everything else. This means that weapons have different strengths and weaknesses, those usually being their range and rate of fire. If you usually use snipers, it's best you don't get into firefights in close quarters, and, if you have a shotgun, it's safe to assume that you will lose a firefight against someone far away from you.

There are few guns that are very well-rounded, so it's always important to think ahead before getting yourself into a fight against another team.

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