Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is both a large departure and a return for the series. This game acts as a soft reboot to the classic Modern Warfare series, bringing back fan-favorite mechanics and boots-on-the-ground gunfights.

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It has also made many changes such as crossplay and a free-to-play Battle Royale mode called Warzone. Both console and PC players can hop into this chaotic 150-man BR experience for free, and both parties can even play with each other thanks to Crossplay! While both experiences are similar, some subtle differences between the two can impact the experience of each Warzone match. Here are 5 reasons why you should play Warzone on either PC or console.

10 PC: Crossplay

Crossplay is available on all platforms that can play Warzone, so why is this listed as a PC boon? Call of Duty titles are much less popular on PC than consoles.

Most CoD titles have a short lifespan on PC for a multitude of reasons, most of which include a lack of custom servers and—up until Modern Warfare—quarterly paid DLC. With the inclusion of Crossplay, however, PC players can also find matches for Modern Warfare and Warzone since they can play against both PC and console players alike.


9 Console: Larger Population

With that said, console players might get frustrated fighting PC players with years of experience using mouse and keyboard. If you are tired of getting beamed by an M4A1 hundreds of meters away, console players can disable Crossplay.

This is a massive downside on PC due to lower population counts, but the player base for PlayStation and Xbox for Warzone and Modern Warfare more than makes up for disabling the feature. Finding games is usually faster thanks to this unless you are at the higher bracket of Skill-Based Matchmaking—known as SBMM amongst the community.

8 PC: Clearer Visuals

PCs offer a level of customization and freedom that no console can match. This freedom extends to the options menu of nearly every PC game, Modern Warfare included.

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Graphics options can be altered to increase the resolution of the game, improve geometry and texture detail, and disable post-processing effects such as bloom or depth of field. This level of freedom allows PC players to extend their view distances to the extreme while reducing unneeded noise from film grain and other post-processing effects.

7 Console: Even Playing Field

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As a consequence of the wide range of PC hardware, certain matches can feel unfair due to players having much faster reaction times or the ability to see enemies from a greater distance.

For console players, this divide is significantly smaller. Players with the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro will certainly have a technical advantage over those with their base respective console, but this advantage doesn't extend quite as wide as a PC can. If you fight a player on a console, you know they don't have 120 FOV with incredibly high view distance settings.

6 PC: Frame Rate

Those with powerful PCs will appreciate the high frame rates Warzone can provide, however. Frame rates can hit 120, 144, and even higher for high-budget setups.

Frame rate might be advertised as the smoothness of the game, but it can have large gameplay implications as well. With more frames, the game has more moments to update, allowing for these players to obtain information about the enemy slightly sooner than those with lower frame rates. This isn't a massive increase unless its a jump from 30 to over 200 frames, but the consistently higher frame rates on PC allow for a smoother and more responsive play experience than consoles could provide.

5 Console: Easier Games

This is more subjective than other entries on this list, but most competitive FPS gamers prefer PCs over console platforms. Good console players can go toe-to-toe with average PC players, but good PC players rise above and beyond most console players.

Mouse and keyboard experience tied with higher framerates is one of the largest culprits to this. Console players who fight against players on the same family of platform will likely have games that feel more forgiving and, therefore, easier. Aim assist becomes a large factor in winning engagements, shifting the skill gap slightly more towards strategy than pure beaming potential a mouse and keyboard can offer. Console players can still use M&K setups if they wish, but it is far less common than fighting PC players using their mouse to control their recoil.

4 PC: Great Aim Practice

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Aim assist is still present on all versions of Modern Warfare and Warzone, but PC players don't have the reticle stickiness to start engagements with.

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It would seem that console players should have a massive advantage in gunfights because of this, but this couldn't be further from the truth. The precision and quick adjustments possible on a mouse allow for a type of accuracy that is hard to replicate on joysticks. If you want to improve your aim game dramatically and don't mind swapping your input methods, try a mouse and keyboard out. Once you get used to it, landing headshots from long distances becomes much easier.

3 Console: Accessibility

One of the best things about consoles is how easy they are to get up and running. They aren't like PCs, which require the installation of hardware and software to get running.

To play Warzone, console players simply download it and need an online subscription such as Xbox Live Gold for the Xbox One. PC players have to install, an exclusive launcher that houses Activision-published games. Then, the game needs to be installed and updated, and then most teams use a third-party app such as Discord to communicate. There's no guarantee the game will run well on certain PC setups either, something console players have no issue with. Simply pull up your friends list, invite some friends, and prepare to frag out.

2 PC: Adjustable Field Of View

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Even with the latest generation of consoles offering more customization than ever before, there is still a shocking lack of accessibility options. One of the largest options missing in modern console titles is a FOV slider.

In essence, a field-of-view slider (FOV) is the cone of vision your character has. The higher the number, the larger that angle is. This allows players with high FOVs to see things in their peripherals that would be impossible on lower settings, granting a massive advantage for PC players. With the recent push for more colorblind options in video games, its a surprise that more FPS titles lack FOV sliders for console players who suffer from motion sickness or those who prefer larger FOVs.

1 Console: Fewer Cheaters

Cheating is one of Warzone's biggest issues currently. Infinity Ward has made strides to resolve the rampant issue, but console players have taken to disabling crossplay altogether to stop fighting cheaters.

Wallhacks, aim-bots, and teleporting are frequent sights amongst the PC community. Since consoles aren't as flexible as PCs for utilizing third-party applications, these platforms have significantly less cheating than PC users do. Cheating becomes especially problematic at higher skill brackets on PC, with cheater's inflated KD ratios allowing them to ruin higher-skilled player's matches. Admittedly, recent updates have significantly reduced the frequency of cheaters by matching cheaters against each other, but the occasional bad apple slips through the cracks. Still, if you can disable crossplay if you don't want to take that chance while playing on a console.

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