The opening weekend of the Call of Duty League produced intense matches, blowouts, disappointments, top-tier trash talking, rivalries, and more. The weekend challenged the status quo and shook up the standings in interesting (and sometimes surprising) ways. Now that the opening weekend has passed, let's take a look at where the teams stack up heading into London.

1. Atlanta FaZe (2-0)

The Atlanta FaZe are the best team in the league so far and will definitely be the team to dethrone as the season progresses. They have a scary-talented team led by Chris "Simp" Lehr who doesn't seem to have missed a beat following his stellar 2019 performance. If Atlanta continues their dynamic, exciting play, they might ride the top of the rankings all the way to the end.

2. Chicago Huntsmen (2-0)

The Chicago Huntsmen are the early fan-favorites as they have some of the most iconic pro players of all time in Matthew "FormaL" Piper and Seth "Scump" Abner. Aside from them Dylan "Envoy" Hannon is an exciting young gun that can lead the Huntsmen for years to come. Chicago had a strong 2-0 start to the new league including the first match of the season against the Dallas Empire.

3. Dallas Empire (0-2)

Probably the biggest controversy to put the Empire in third despite a weekend record of 0-2. To be fair, two of their players have never played at a professional level in the scene and had the worst schedule by far facing both the FaZe and the Huntsmen. The veterans will make sure the young guys calm their nerves moving forward. They have one of the best teams in the league, so odds are they'll be fine.


4. Minnesota RØKKR (2-0)

The Minnesota RØKKR had a successful weekend in terms of hosting the event and playing in it. They stumbled early against the Guerrillas but bounced back for a 3-1 victory. They took down their North rival - the Toronto Ultra in an exciting match to the end the weekend. Adam "GodRx" Brown is an absolute beast, and their team chemistry is top-notch. Minnesota being a major contender towards the end of the season isn't out of the question.

5. Paris Legion (2-0)

The Paris Legion surprised everyone going 2-0 over the weekend. Despite being hailed as one of the worst teams heading into the league, Paris - led by the mighty Matthew "KiSMET" Tinsley - overtook OpTic Gaming in five maps before dismantling the London Royal Ravens 3-0 in the battle for Europe. The Legion surprised everyone over the weekend and the team actually looks surprisingly strong heading into the rest of the season.

6. London Royal Ravens (1-1)

The Royal Ravens came into the weekend with a chip on their shoulder. They rode that to an outstanding 3-0 blistering victory over the New York Subliners and instantly shot up in the rankings. Unfortunately, they ran out of steam quickly and lost to the Paris Legion 3-0. It is a little hard to tell which London team will be prominent going forward. If the one that dominated New York shows up, they look scary.

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7. Los Angeles Guerrillas (1-1)

Like Paris, the Los Angeles Guerrillas were touted as one of the weaker teams heading into opening weekend. If it wasn't for a misunderstanding of the rules, the Guerrillas would have ended the weekend with a 2-0 record. Instead, they lost all their momentum against a tough Minnesota team before dropping the match 3-1. They overtook Florida in a tough 3-2 victory. They definitely look better than many thought and Patrick "ACHES" Price can still trash-talk with the best of them.

8. Toronto Ultra (1-1)

The Toronto Ultra beat Seattle in five-maps before losing to their new rivals - Minnesota - to close out the opening weekend. Adrian "MettalZ" Serrano put on a good performance throughout the weekend but the Ultra don't look like a top-tier team yet. It's hard to tell where they will go as the league continues.

9. Florida Mutineers (1-1)

The Florida Mutineers were so close to going either 2-0 or 0-2 over the weekend. Instead, they split their matches for a 1-1 start to the season. They edged out Seattle in a nail-biter five maps off the back of a strong SnD performance by Preston "Prestinni" Sanderson and then lost out to the Guerrillas in a nail-biter five maps. They are still a bit of a wildcard to place, but the Mutineers showed some good fight throughout the weekend. They are scrappy and should be able to steal wins.

10. New York Subliners (0-2)

Aside from Dallas, the New York Subliners might have had the most disappointing weekend of anyone. They came out extremely flat against the London Royal Ravens and lost quickly 3-0. Their second match was against Atlanta and took a map solely off the heroic Domination play from Thomas "ZooMaa" Paparatto. They have a top-five team in terms of potential talent and they need to get it together if they don't want to end up one of the biggest disappointments this season.

11. OpTic Gaming Los Angeles (0-2)

The "New OpTiC" - OpTic Gaming Los Angeles had a disappointing weekend losing to the Paris Legion and then a rivalry match against the Chicago Huntsmen where they were simply outmatched. The team will need to play much better moving forward. They are fighting against a loyal OpTic Gaming fandom turned Chicago Huntsmen fans and some incredibly strong teams. It might be a rough year for the LA team but the talent is there to turn it around.

12. Seattle Surge (0-2)

A bottom placement might be harsh for the Seattle Surge but they dropped two, very-winnable matches against the Toronto Ultra and Florida Mutineers. Their biggest woes came from Search and Destroy and if they can't correct that, it might be rough for Seattle moving forward. Still, they have a ton of talent and absolutely have the chance to bounce back.

London will host the first Call of Duty League tournament on February 8th. You can check it out exclusively on Youtube.

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