Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) might not have the best Metacritic user score out there at 3.4, but it's still the best selling game in the franchise, as just announced by Activision. The real question is how many actually have that gargantuan hard-drive-eater still installed?

Naturally, the replies to this announcement were flooded with arguments among fans about whether it's the worst game in the series. Nonetheless, it has its adorers and players all the same, as evident by the game now having sold over 30 million copies.

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This means that the Modern Warfare reboot has overtaken Black Ops as the best selling game in the franchise, dethroning a title held for an entire decade. Even with Cold War out and Warzone's live-service model going strong, the 2019 title is still getting support from developers and attention from the community.

That being said, despite winning over the wallets of many, the double XP tokens in Modern Warfare no longer work in Warzone which was a fairly sneaky move on Activision's part that has soured some of the player base.


With Modern Warfare performing so well, it's no surprise that leaks indicate the 2019 reboot will have a sequel underway for 2021. After all, it is Infinity Ward's turn on the Xbox next and Modern Warfare is their whole shtick. Whether it sells as well as its predecessor is something that only time can tell.

How long Modern Warfare stays as king of the hill has yet to be seen but it might lose the top spot sooner than people think as Cold War is already predicted to outsell Modern Warfare, even with no battle royale strings attached. If that holds true, Black Ops will be back on top relatively soon - is it the multiplayer mode? The campaign? Or does zombies really have that much pull? Whatever the reason, Call of Duty seems to be doing better than ever and shows no sign of slowing down.

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