Although some might contend that birds don't even exist – they certainly do in Call of Duty: Warzone, and they'll give away your position. Infinity Ward's battle royale is often a game of information. If you spot your opponents before they spot you, that is half the battle. Warzone's time-to-kill is very short on average compared to games such as Apex Legends and Fortnite, so stealth, awareness, and first-looks are key. Therefore, reactive birds could end up changing the game.

Redditor "u/Noahthegoofy" uploaded a clip that demonstrates the utility birds can provide to players. After a flock of birds appear to become startled by movement, Noah pulls out a heartbeat sensor. It doesn't detect anyone close by, but the player remains vigilant. Sure enough, a heads pokes up from the spot the birds had retreated from – and Noah gets the kill.

Although most people are in concurrence in the comments, some aren't convinced that there is enough proof. A few argue that Warzone's birds are simply programmed to avoid the gas or just fly out randomly. Whatever the truth is, players should keep this tip in mind; it just might be the difference between life or death.


Source: Reddit

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