Fans were surprised yesterday when a new crossbow was added to Call of Duty: Warzone and Cold War. They were even more surprised when Activision pulled the crossbow a few hours later. Turns out, the weapon wasn't planned for release quite yet, but Activision has promised refunds for those who spent actual money trying to unlock the bow.

On March 18, the R1 Shadowhunter appeared unannounced in the Warzone shop, as part of a new bundle for 1200 COD points. Though the weapon was unusable in Warzone, it could be used in the regular Multiplayer and Zombies modes if a challenge was completed. The challenge was for players to obtain three one-shot, one-kill medals in 15 matches with zero attachments. A tough challenge, but worth it for the awesome new bow.

While many were able to simply purchase the bow and used it in Cold War, some players had to complete the pesky challenge. Players began spending hours to unlock and then upgrade the Shadowhunter before Activision pulled it from the game. The developer took to Twitter to explain the mishap and what it meant for those that spent actual money on the weapon.

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Luckily, refunds are planned for any player who spent money on the mistakenly released weapon. However, for those that didn't buy the weapon outright and instead tried to complete the challenges to unlock the it, all progress may be reset. When the Shadowhunter is officially released, everyone will be forced to start all over. This has been met with a negative reactions from players who spent a good chunk of time and effort trying to complete the challenge for the weapon.


Once the Shadowhunter is officially released, players can look forward to a one-hit kill in Cold War, but a different scenario in Warzone. The bolts will drop pretty quickly at long-range, meaning that lining up a good shot will take a lot of work. Plus, the bow has a pretty long reload time that should be taken into consideration when planning a load out.

This isn't the only incident that Activision has had to clear up for Call of Duty over the past couple of days. A recent issue with Warzone matches ending early has plagued the community, with no real reason revealed yet. Perhaps this accidental release is tied to that issue. For now, there is no word on when the bow will officially show up in the game , but let's hope the next time a weapon is revealed it sticks around a bit longer.

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