Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 is coming a lot sooner than we think. According to the latest tweet from Infinity Ward, Season 6 starts tomorrow and brings with it the long-awaited Verdansk Subway System as well as the two new operators that were showcased in the Season 6 trailer.

And along with the date, we've also got an entire roadmap of goodies to go over, so let's get to it.

In the first week after launch (which as a reminder is Tuesday, September 29) we'll see the new subway system, new operators Farah and Nikolai, a pair of new guns--the SP-R 208 sniper rifle and the AS VAL assault rifle--and all-new armored vehicles. Which, judging by the tiny thumbnail image, looks like the military cargo truck with a turret on the cabin.

All of these sound great, but regular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is also benefiting from the launch of Season 6 with several new maps. For multiplayer, Mialstor Tank Factory and Broadcast join the mix, while Station gets added as a new Gunfight Map. Ground War gets Verdansk Riverside, while Killstreak Confirmed gets added to the multiplayer game mode rotation.

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But the fun doesn't stop after the first week of launch. From October 20 to November 3, Haunting of Verdansk hits Warzone as a new limited-time game mode. This is almost certainly the Zombie Royale thing that leaked last month, which will include unique rewards for murdering lots of zombies (and probably other players, too).

Along with zombies comes the new Butterfly Knife melee weapon and what appears to be another operator--the image just says "and more" without providing any details.

In Week 2 of the update, Modern Warfare's multiplayer gets Hard Point & Kills added to the rotation, while Week 3 gets Gun Game Team Deathmatch and HQ Firefight. Week 4 brings Gunfight Tournament and Snipers Only Team Deathmatch.

With so little time between now and tomorrow, Warzone players had better start pre-loading the download on their platform of choice.

Source: Infinity Ward/Twitter

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