Okami HD is coming to Nintendo Switch with a Limited Edition. Fans and first time players of the game will no doubt appreciate the furry Switch carrying case in the likeness of adorable dog goddess Amaterasu as well as other goodies. What they won't appreciate is the price tag. Even worse, the item appears to be Japan exclusive.

A post on the Nintendo subreddit links to Capcom's Japanese store where pre-orders for the bundle are already up. Pictures of the bundled items are also included. The full set includes the case, the game, a soundtrack CD, a poster, and a necklace. All of this will go for the price of 26,000 yen, or about $250 US dollars.

via: e-capcom.com

The Reddit comments are quick to point out that the necklace is the main reason for the steep price. A user with the handle Asamidori provides the details of the piece. It has a brass chain, with a pendant made of silver 925 and set with a swarovski crystal. That alone makes it worth about $200 of the bundle's $250.

Fortunately, different bundle combinations are available that more closely match the cost of the average video game Limited Edition. Pretty much any combination of items someone could want are purchasable. The game, soundtrack, poster, and case have a bundle of their own that goes for 7,490 yen. That's a more reasonable $70. The cute little carrying case can even just be bought on its own for about $30.

via: e-capcom.com

Unfortunately, the Capcom store won't ship these items outside Japan. And there are no announced plans to sell the Limited Edition in other regions. This requires buyers outside of the country to pay extra to have some sort of courier service get it to them.


It must be a testament to the quality of Okami that a Limited Edition of the game can still be sold for so much so many years later. It makes one wonder why there hasn't been an Okami 2. Then again, this is Capcom. Making sequels fans have wanted for years isn't something Capcom does. It looks like Okami fans will just have to settle for a fuzzy new Switch case and expensive necklace.

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