Atlus has just announced brand new streaming restrictions and guidelines concerning the upcoming Nintendo Switch port of Catherine: Full Body, which is set to release on July 17.

According to Atlus' official Japanese website, any recorded footage and audio that's uploaded or streamed from the game must only be used for personal use, and cannot be profited off of. All footage must include copyright logos for both "ATLUS" and "SEGA". Finally, players will be restricted from recording any footage from the sixth day to the ending in the Golden Theatre story mode, meaning that none of the character routes can be (legally) uploaded or streamed.

And fans are...well, not super pleased, to say the least.

To understand these angry reactions, one must familiarize themself with the history of Catherine: Full Body. The puzzle narrative game released for the PlayStation 4 and Vita just last year in September 2019, but what some might not know is that it's actually a remaster of Atlus' Catherine, which was released way back in February 2011 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox One and was later ported to PC in 2012.

Catherine and Catherine: Full Body's main differences include the addition of a third "Catherine", a pink-haired girl named Qatherine (aka, "Rin"), and several brand new endings in the remastered game. (The original Catherine featured nine endings, while Full Body now has thirteen.) As a result, the base game remains mostly similar between both titles, save for Rin's new routes and two additional new routes for the base game's original girls, Catherine and Katherine.


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Therefore, fans are a bit confused and annoyed that Atlus is restricting gameplay considering Catherine's story has been around for nearly a decade.

This is not the first time Atlus has implemented recording restrictions on their titles. Notably, Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal block players from recording through their PlayStation consoles after a certain date; Persona 5's restrictions are even still in place, despite the game's 2017 (or 2016, if you're in Japan) release date and Royal's differing limitations.

Catherine: Full Body releases for the Nintendo Switch on July 17. The game is also available for the PlayStation 4 and Vita. The original game, Catherine, is available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.

Source: Go Nintendo

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