We've been travelling through Night City for over a week now, and it's been challenging to see as much as we can in such a short amount of time when the game is so massive. There are dozens of named NPCs, dozens of areas, tons of sidequests and challenges, in addition to much more. But there are also a few decisions you can make in Cyberpunk 2077 that will create a point of no return - some things just can't be reversed or erased, and some decisions are easy to regret, namely, your appearance.

But that's not all - while key quest decisions are obviously locked once you've completed the quest and saved your game, what about your perks and attributes, can you respec those during your playthrough? We've got all of the information you need before you start playing Cyberpunk 2077 to make these decisions with purpose and intent.

Read on below for everything you need to know about changing your appearance and respeccing your attributes in CD Projekt RED's Cyberpunk 2077.

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Changing Your Appearance In Cyberpunk 2077

Your appearance in Cyberpunk 2077 is decided during the character creation process at the start of the game. Here you should look through all of the options in detail - yes, including those genitalia options - because you will be stuck with them. That's right, once you begin Cyberpunk 2077, there are no options to change V's appearance. If you do regret how you look in the mirror though, it's not so bad, you won't often see your character while in first-person.


All is not lost though. All of the gear you equip in the game changes V's appearance accordingly, this includes hat and facemasks. When you have a full loadout of gear equipped, your character will essentially be impossible to see, like covering up with armour in Dark Souls. So if you're disappointed by your character's aesthetics, you'll still be able to cover up.

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Changing Your Attributes In Cyberpunk 2077

Your attributes are the stats you put into the multiple skill trees in the game, and there's a lot to choose from. It's tempting to go for an equal spread, but if you do you'll likely end up unable to reach any of the perks at the end of the trees, as it'll require a lot of levelling up and an almost unfathomable amount of time.

But unfortunately, you cannot change your attributes in Cyberpunk 2077. Once you've made your decisions, you're locked in, making these decisions even more important. But never fear, we have a full guide to the kinds of character builds you can create in Cyberpunk 2077 and all the perks you need to make them work, so just check our character build guides right here.

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