From literally out of nowhere, a Steam page for Chex Quest HD has appeared and confirmed the existence for a remake for this beloved Doom mod. Originally released in the 90s for free with boxes of Chex cereal, Chex Quest was a total conversion for id Software's massively popular FPS that toned down the violence and attempted to teach nutritional values to children. It may have failed in that latter goal, but it was still a really solid shooter.

I'm not sure if anyone was expecting an HD version of the game, but it's now coming this summer. Steam lists the developers as "Team Chex Quest HD" and "Flight School Studios," so it seems some of the original team is involved here. It also has the blessing of General Mills, who distributed the original version of the game based around its cereal.

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Via: General Mills

As you can see from the attached screenshot, this is more than just a re-release of the old mod. This will be a full 3D remake and is even packing a split-screen multiplayer mode. As well as that, five new characters are being added to diversify the cast of heroes. This is way more than I expected from a free remake for this cult hit.

I may have preferred using sprites instead of 3D models, but this still sounds like a great way to replay this childhood favorite. Make sure to keep a lookout on the Steam store page for an official date.

Source: Steam

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