Sid Meier's Civilization VI will soon have a New Frontier Pass, which will include amazing new civilizations, leaders, and game modes. Civilization VI is also currently free on the Epic Games store from May 21-May 28.

Sid Meier's Civilization series has been around for almost 30 years. Over that time, the games grew to become a staple for turn-based strategy game enthusiasts. The Civilization series has sold over 33 million copies, with Civilization VI selling about 2 million copies.

Just recently, Firaxis Games, the developer of Civilization VI, announced the New Frontier Pass. The New Frontier Pass will be a series of content releases over the next year. These additions will include eight new civilizations, nine new leaders, six new game modes, and other undefined content. The bimonthly releases are to begin May 2020, and last until March 2021.

The Different Packs

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The first pack is already available, and adds Gran Colombia and the Mayan Empire as the two new civilizations, as well as the Apocalypse game mode. Two new resources, Honey (luxury) and Maize (bonus), were also added. Along with the additions, a lot of bug fixes and patches were applied.


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Gran Colombia

The first civilization, Gran Colombia, is led by Simon Bolivar, the 19th century South-American revolutionary. Gran Colombia's unique ability is Ejercito Patriota, which gives +1 movement speed to all units. Promoting a unit also doesn't end that unit's turn, which is quite a good buff.

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Bolivar's unique ability is called Campana Admirable and gives you a Comandante General when your civilization enters a new era. Comandante Generals are great generals unique to Gran Colombia. Another new unit, the Llanero, replaces the cavalry and gives +4 combat strength for every adjacent Llanero.

The Maya

The Maya Civilization is led by Lady Six Sky, a Mayan queen who reigned in the 8th century. Mayab, the civilization's unique ability, makes farms give +1 housing and gold. Additionally, every luxury resource adjacent to the city center gives +1 amenity. The Hul'che, Maya's unique troop, replaces the archer and receives +5 combat strength when attacking wounded troops.

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Lady Six Sky's unique ability, Ix Mutal Ajaw, gives non-capital cities within six tiles of the capital a +10% boost on all yields. All units within the six tile range also receive +5 combat strength. And finally, non-capital cities outside of the six tile range receive a -15% hit to all yields.

Apocalypse Mode

The new Apocalypse game mode requires the Gathering Storm expansion to play it. It adds two new disasters, Comet Impact and Social Flares. The Comet Impact disaster smashes into land tiles and will destroy everything in its path, including entire cities. The impacted tiles will then turn into an impassable Comet Lake.

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Social Flares affect the entire map. They destroy all power-generating districts, buildings, and improvements, save for dams. Social Flares can also destroy advanced units.

Existing disasters in this game mode are also larger in size and magnitude once the final temperature limit is reached. Interestingly, there is a new unit, the Soothsayer.

The Soothsayer is a support unit that can trigger natural disasters at a player's command. Furthermore, a new scored competition, Appease the Gods, is present where players have to use soothsayers to sacrifice their own units to gain points.

New Natural Wonders

This update also brings about the addition of three new natural wonders. The wonders and their buffs are listed below:

Bermuda Triangle

  • 5 Science to adjacent tiles.
  • Naval units that enter the tile gain a Unit Ability called “Mysterious Currents” that grants +1 Movement and are teleported to another Ocean tile somewhere on the map.


  • 3 Gold, 2 Culture to adjacent tiles.
  • Major adjacency for Commercial Hubs and Theater Squares.
  • City that has it in its territory receives +4 Gold on its outgoing International Trade Routes.

Fountain Of Youth

  • 4 Science, 4 Faith
  • Units that enter it gain a Unit Ability called “Water of Life” that gives +10 HP when they heal in any territory.
  • Provides Fresh Water

Finally six city-states were added. They include Caguana, Singapore, Lahore, Vatican City, Taruga, and Hunza. The respective stats and buffs are listed below:


  • Type: Cultural
  • The Suzerain’s builder can build the new Batey Improvement.
  • Bateys provide +1 Culture and additional +1 Culture for every adjacent bonus resource and Entertainment Complex (becomes +2 with Exploration Civic.) +100% Tourism from Culture. Cannot be placed adjacent to another Batey. Placed on any flat terrain without a feature.


  • Type: Industrial
  • Player’s cities receive +2 Production for each foreign civilization that they have sent a Trade Route.


  • Type: Militaristic
  • Suzerain's of this City-State can purchase the new unique Nihang unit with Faith.The Nihang unit has 25 Combat Strength. Has a unique promotion tree. Receives +15 Combat Strength for every Encampment building when trained. No maintenance cost.

Vatican City

  • Type: Religious
  • When the player activates a Great Person, they spread 400 Religious pressure of the player’s founded (or majority) religion to cities within 10 tiles.


  • Type: Scientific
  • +5% Science in all cities for each different Strategic Resource they have.


  • Type: Trade
  • Receive +1 Gold for every 5 tiles a Trade Route travels.

In conclusion, the primary release of the New Frontier Pass has added an innumerable amount of features. To think that there will be five more releases like this every two months is amazing. Furthermore, the New Frontier Pass will only set you back $39.99. One can only hope that the next packs are as good as this one.

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