If you are a fan of Star Wars: The Clone Warsyou probably played Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Lightsaber Duels on the Wii back in 2008. Now with the series finally coming to an end, wouldn't you say it's time for a revival of this game on the Switch?

Lightsaber Duels was a video game designed for the Wii. As the name implies, it was a fighting game based around lightsabers. The developers of the game wanted it to feel very similar to The Clone Wars as if players were the ones controlling the feature film. Yes, this game came out prior to the actual television series of the same name.

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"It's not a lightsaber simulator, but when you swing your Wii remote left to right; your character does the same," game producer Ken Fox stated. Thus, the game was designed so that players felt as if they were the characters in the show.

The previous game could be played with up to two players, but it is not available online. But what if it was? Wouldn't you say it's time? The original game dropped in 2008 to kick off the series. Since The Clone Wars is coming to an end, all the characters are fully developed. We've reached Episode III. Plus, so many of the main characters have some really killer lightsabers.

The previous version of Lightsaber Duels walked characters through every intense lightsaber battle of the movie, leading up to 2008. The show just ended in 2020. That means there is an abundance of lightsaber duels that fans have not gotten to play out, not to mention Joy-Cons are prime to act as better Wiimotes. The goal of Lightsaber Duels was to immerse players in The Clone Wars world. You got to play as your favorite characters, wielding lightsabers in their unique styles. 12 years later, these characters have been through so many battles and grown as warriors.


From Ahsoka to Darth Maul, there are plenty of epic lightsaber battles to be had. These characters have had 12 years to grow and expand in their lightsaber knowledge. Isn't it time to see them in action? If you are a fan of combat, particularly lightsaber combat, this game would be an epic playthrough as you get to play with your favorite characters and their expanded storylines.

As you swung your Wii controllers back and forth, so did the character wielding a lightsaber. Just picture it now... Playing as Ahsoka battling with her duel lightsabers holding your Nintendo Switch controllers in either hand. The possibilities are endless!

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