A Call of Duty: Warzone player was taken aback when he got run over by an ATV in the third story of a building.

With 50 million players on Call of Duty: Warzone, it is not surprising to see some truly unbelievable creativity from the community. Fans have seen everything from a player crashing a helicopter into an enemy team to secure a win, to executing the perfect parachute stealth kill. This battle royale has left the internet with no shortage of jaw-dropping clips.

Vehicles can be particularly annoying for anyone who's made it to endgame only to get splattered across the battlefield. So, imagine this player's surprise when he suddenly sees an ATV charging full steam ahead towards him on the third story of a building.

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That's right, while trying to avoid grenades, flashes, and an entire enemy team on the roof, an ATV comes flying around the corner and zooms straight into u/ImRuts. This guy took "All-Terrain Vehicle" to an entirely new level when he showed that it can be driven up stairs too. Lobbies might start seeing some creativity with vehicles, like this play by Reddit user u/SquanchOne, who pulled a switcheroo on this helicopter that was attempting to splatter him.

Warzone is primed and ready for more creativity now that the game has been out long enough for players to understand the game's mechanics. The top players will get tired of just sweating towards a win, eventually. As the pros discover more ways to add some flare to their victories, we'll have more remarkable clips to enjoy.


Source: Reddit/ImRuts

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