Conan Exiles' next planned update will be introducing mounts to the game. As Twinfinite reports, player-owned mounts will be heading to developer Funcom's cult MMO title sometime in early December. Once reaching level 20, players will have the ability to obtain a horse that will let them ride around the world of Conan.

Horses will require a stable to maintain. A new skill, Novice Saddle Maker, will be made available to let players customize their steads. As you'd expect, horses gallop a good deal faster than humans can run, so players will need to manage their stamina meters while trotting across the land.

In addition to mounts, Conan Exiles' dodging system is being reworked. The idea is that the player's evasiveness --or lack thereof-- will reflect the gear they have equipped (think Dark Souls' fat-rolling). Weapon balancing and movement refinement is a key priority for Funcom with this rebalancing. To that end, lances will be joining the game as a new weapon type for players to equip. These go hand-in-hand with the mounts, which will feature a form of mounted combat.

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Via: PlayStation Universe

Conan Exiles is in an interesting position. It's the type of franchise that has so much potential as a video game (who doesn't like to cut loose after a hard day's work, throw on a loincloth and battle some mammoths?), but it's also…well, a video game adaptation of a popular franchise. When those go well, they sometimes go very, very well. When they go badly, we have the likes of Superman 64 on our hands.


As of right now, Conan Exiles is probably in the middle of that scale. It didn't set the gaming world alight when it hit early access, but the Hyborian Age survival sim is doing rather well for itself. It brings the usual facets of the genre that fans have come to expect (hunger, thirst and such to manage, crafting, scavenging and so on), while throwing in some intriguing wrinkles in the shape of the thrall system (human NPCs the player can take prisoner to garner benefits from).

As shown with this new update, developer Funcom isn't going to let Conan die without a fight.

Source: Twinfinite

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