Swashbuckling rat adventure Curse of the Sea Rats is due to hit consoles next year, and developer Petoons Studio has been biding our time with concept art until then. The nautical platformer is sailing closer to completion, however recent character sketches show the genre-defining title in its infancy.

Curse of the Sea Rats was first debuted at Gamescom 2019, and considered itself as a “Ratoidvania”; a new genre that blends the Metroidvania gameplay style with rodents. The hand-drawn platformer surpassed its €15,000 goal on Kickstarter as fans became invested in the game's story of freedom. Set on the coast of Ireland in 1777, a group of heroes - David Douglas, Bussa, Buffalo Calf, and Akane Yamakawa - were cursed by a pirate witch who turned them into rats. Curse of the Sea Rats will follow a non-linear format as you aid the small heroes in breaking the curse.

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Until its release next year, Barcelona-based developer Petoons Studio has been sharing a series of animations and concept art excerpts on the game’s Twitter page. Admiral David Douglas’ design can be seen in its three stages, where its first sketch shows the charming rat with more of a Christmas bauble-nose. Buffalo Calf’s sketches showed the character’s movement while wielding a dagger. Buffalo was a Cheyenne hunter who was arrested while attempting to release horses from an English detachment, and her great sense of purpose is even present in these early sketches.

Inspired by animator Don Bluth and other Disney artists, Petoons Studio presents a balanced mix of 2D models within a 3D game environment, rendering an eye-catching 2.5D platformer. Curse of the Sea Rats will feature 11 different scenarios, with combat scenes that accentuate the harmony between these 2D models and its 3D surroundings.


What we’ve seen so far is impressive, and offers a new take on the classic heroes adventure. Curse of the Sea Rats is also part of a transmedia project, which involves an animated series, comic books, and toys, due to release in the near future.

Curse of the Sea Rats’ Kickstarter was funded in under 9 hours, proving its popularity with fans, unlike rodent-inspired villain the Rat King from The Last of Us 2. The nautical platformer will release on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2021.

Source: Petoons Studio

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