Have you ever just wanted a game to have a different look to it? Sure, there are many games out there with amazing graphics, but then there are also games that could have been better with improved graphics... and then you look at games like Undertale with its 8-bit graphics but amazing story and characters and you can’t help but think that judging a game by its graphics is all but a toss-up.

Still, the imagination and the world of fandoms is a wide thing and the ideas on how a game could look differently are endless. From Tomb Raider to Pac Man and Legend of Zelda to Assassin's Creed, all of them are complete polar opposites when it comes to how they look but with high popularities in the gaming community even they tend to get a few makeovers from fanart.

Think about it, a Yoshi that isn’t a sidekick, a Legend of Zelda game with softer graphics than what is used in the game, or even a more realistic looking game of Battlefield that will make you think you’re in the game. While graphics aren’t everything for a game, just imagining the different possibilities for them is what makes a fandom create. The results of the fandom either range from either the weird to the beautiful. There are times though that the fans do an even better job than what the game has to give. Just look at the following works, the Photoshop abilities that some people have is pretty admirable.

25 No Escape

via: tiago-borges.deviantart.com

Many will remember Silent Hill as the creepiest game to ever be created in the horror genre. From the iconic foggy first scene to the different memorable monsters, the game has left its mark with some rather gruesome and creepy graphics. How about we up the ante courtesy of Tiago-Borges? Remember the nurse? Those monsters that are manifestations of the main character’s mental health. In the game, they usually come off as nightmare doll come to life, but you at least have a chance at escape. Here? Not only does this nurse’s face look realistic (like she was placed through the shredder then slapped with ruined bandages) but the way she looks in that position makes her look like some kind of zombie. All this, and she seems to be blocking your exit. Say hello to nightmare fuel.


24 Enter Boss Fight

via: flyingginger.deviantart.com

Here’s a creepy piece done by FlyingGinger that looks like something from a horror movie. Majora is majorly known as a truly depraved and bizarre antagonist in the Zelda franchise. An evil entity that takes control of the character and has the ability to control the moon? Just look at this scene, it looks like something meant for a boss battle. Still, it’s pretty impressive though that the franchise was able to turn what usually is a romantic or supernatural symbol into some kind of malevolent character looking ready to strike out the main character. From the way the artist made the image, all that’s left to do is add some battle music and an HP bar, and the battle scene is set.

23 Difficulty Level Is Now Above 10

via: tiamatsergy.deviantart.com

Everybody knows Tetris, it’s one of the first addicting but simple games of the early days of gaming. It’s a simple and fun game, but placing blocks so they will fill a row or column doesn’t come off as all that exciting in hindsight. With this image done by tiamatsergy on the game, we get a whole new way that the game could be. Just imagine the extra challenges that would be added if the blocks were, instead of falling straight, wobbled precariously because it was attached to a moving crane. Then add another difficulty point by having the controls be like a small joystick, and we actually have a blueprint for a high-level difficulty version of a Tetris game.

22 Forest Guardian Done Right

via: mr-ripley.deviantart.com

In the Zelda games, this character is known as the guardian of the forest but the way that he was done made him out to be some kind of blocky tree with certain features and the ability to talk. This comes off as rather disappointing given as this character could have ended being more of a mythical creature of the forest with great knowledge. Oh sure, he technically has that role already, but he certainly doesn’t look the part. From the creative mind of Mr-Ripley, not only do we get a Great Deku Tree that looks like the role he is meant to play. The glowing green eyes, the facial and wood features and the with what likes a field of trees at its feet... now this is what a guardian of the forest should be like.

21 Mario Come To Life

via: novastarx.deviantart.com

People mainly know the Mario games as a piece of nostalgia for the most part, with the earlier versions of the game that had the player jumping and running through obstacles as an 8-bit Mario. NovaStarx decided to take the game and give it a completely different makeover by still maintaining the iconic 8-bit character, but rather than having the usual mushroom obstacles with enemies mixed in, she made it out that Mario looks as if he is stuck within an actual rainforest, albeit one with giant mushrooms. But still, one wrong move and little Mario could end up plummeting to his death. Well, at least he has extra lives.

20 A Monster Battle

via: dark-link117.deviantart.com

Bowser is mainly known as this big and strong monster boss of the Mario world who kidnaps Princess Peach and is one of the first boss monsters of the game’s franchise. But then, couldn’t there be more to this character than what is shown? We get that this is a rather iconic villain and that he is a big guy that apparently ends up being a not-so-great villain and instead he comes off as a rather comedic character half the time. The thing is, he’s still a monster character and one of the great things about having a monster character is for them to go against something or someone. Enter Beast Ganon, a character that has recently made its existence known in the Breath of the Wild installation. From the photo manipulation skills of Dark-Link117, we get an actual image on what it would be like if these two would duke it out and it looks epic.

19 Battle By The Ocean

via: tri5tate.deviantart.com

Battlefield is known to have pretty well-done graphics for the most part, and an interesting story to match it up. We get all kinds of pretty night scenes and have characters sneaking around in order to perform a perfect extraction. But wait, isn’t this a game that involves soldiers? Why not instead have the soldiers enter into an epic battle by the ocean with boat jets and helicopters? Done by Tri5tate, we have an image of a soldier at a vantage point as all around there is helicopters and jets going against each other and shots possibly flying. From a simple retrieval mission, we've got a battle going on with explosions just waiting to happen. Either way, the artist has given an admirable looking rendition of the game.

via: uncannyknack.deviantart.com

Link is one of the most iconic characters in the Nintendoverse next to Mario, and there have been many works done for this character who still has to deal with people calling him Zelda all the time. Starting off as a small kid who grew to become a great hero, here we have a piece done by uncannyknack who presents a near realistic looking Link in the middle of battle. From the way that the artist had done the scene, it looks like something out of a 3D rendered cutscene of a video game. With arrows flying against his shield, this is a very interesting looking version of the fantasy hero, and if this were to turn into an actual game, it may just fly off the shelves.

17 The Tale Of Yoshi

via: koshechkazlatovlaska.deviantart.com

Remember Yoshi? The sidekick, the loyal steed, the poor guy who ends up falling to his death all because Mario uses him as a type of springboard just to get to the other side, honestly, the little guy needs a break, or maybe a spotlight to show on him instead. This is where koshechkazlatovlaska comes in and presents the little creature in a more hero-like image. Just look at that armor and that apprehensive look to his face as he seems to be placed in a ship-like setting. Everything about this image just screams an action sequence or adventure that is about to happen and the fact that the artist thought to use what is usually a side character that ends up being just forgotten by the main character is a nice touch.

16 Come On Soldier

via: tri5tate.deviantart.com

This little piece done by Tri5tate gives a little more realistic view to Battlefield as we actually see one of the character’s allies turn back to check on the character. Even not seeing his face, it’s as if he’s saying, “You coming or what?” Just this little bit here adds a little more life to the first person shooter game. Being a multiplayer game, players usually go off and do their own thing and half the time interactions are for instructions and directions and the occasional swearing and jabs. But with the artist’s rendition of the game, things get a little more real in more ways than one. Then again. The picture could also be of the character surviving an explosion and the soldier checking if you can go on, either way, if this real-looking rendition could be added to the game, it would bring a whole new kind of experience.

15 Into The Desert

via: fictionchick.deviantart.com

Assassin’s Creed is known as a series including games set in different countries and historical points. We've got Imperial China, the Victorian Era, and even the October Revolutions set in Russia. How about we make things a little different with a desert kingdom courtesy of FictionChick? From the looks of things, our hooded character has just accomplished some sort of mission involving burning down the castle and is now making his silent escape. But if you look at the bigger picture here, it can be a little bit funny when you think of the mysterious and skilled assassin just wandering the desert in search of a place to stay and lay low. Pretty cool idea for a desert kingdom for a starting point, but then we got ourselves in a bit of a pickle afterward.

14 That's A Pretty Moon There

via: rikenproductions.deviantart.com

Halo has a whole load of different sceneries to it as you go along but how about taking a pause from all the shooting and getting accomplishments and taking a chance to admire the scenery. Sounds pretty crazy, sure, but you’ve got to admit there is some pretty good scenery to admire. And with this rendition of a night scene done by RikenProductions, it might be worth being shot if the last thing to see is the scene this soldier seems to be admiring. Then again there aren't many night scenes shown in the game, so he could just be admiring the moon, but nonetheless the artist did a great balance of space and action. If this had been incorporated into one of the games though, the amount of struggle in having to see in the dark may cause issues for some players.

13 A New Wonderland?

via: adasulewska.deviantart.com

Alice: Madness Returns was quite the wild ride wasn’t it? The surreal art, the mystery and the overall set-up of the game left a memorable mark in the horror mystery genre. But how would the game turn out if the art had a more realistic element given to it? Well, for one thing, the nightmare fuel imagery would definitely get a boost, but with the way AdaSulewska is making things look with her own rendition, then maybe there could be a little more added whimsy to this world of nightmares. But on the other hand, the game’s original art style makes it what it is, decisions… decisions… it might just end up being a toss-up. But in terms of whimsy hinting at a hidden darkness to ready the player, the artist’s work takes the win, with the game we might as well bungee jumped into the story and art style.

12 The Sky And Land Are Endless

via: moose23.deviantart.com

The world of Skyrim is a vast place with all kinds of places to explore especially in its mountain areas. But half the time it’s either filled with snow, trees or other bountiful nature that you can’t help but be distracted by the other pretty things in the scene. Moose23 however, creates a land where you can just enjoy the vastness of things, looking at the beauty of the mountains with no distractions unless you count the dragon of course. The realism of the scene mixed with the fantasy aspect of a dragon and a town off in the top of the mountain is so well rendered it might as well be a scene from a new game installation. With the way the scene is set up, there is a lot of world exploration options to explore.

11 The Mystery Mire

via: magica-28.deviantart.com

The Misery Mire is known as a dungeon filled with different puzzles and monsters to go against. The image of it is not hard to forget seeing that it looks like a monster’s head ready to devour its next prey. Said to be located on top of the Swamp of Evil, which is just the coziest of names, isn’t it? It is here that Link claims the Cane of Somaria. By the looks of this picture done by Magica-28 though, it seems as if Link has just finished the dungeon if the way he is looking at the lake is anything to go by. But then where is the dungeon? Did it sink? Was it all just an illusion? From this picture, we not only get a better look at the game but also a prompt for conspiracy theories.

10 A David Vs. Goliath Situation

via: daniel-abreu.deviantart.com

An epic battle is in the works and from the looks of it, Daniel-Abreu has created a fantasy version of the usual David vs. Goliath situation from the game. Just the way the colors and shadows contrast one another in this scene makes it look like battle cutscene at its climax. You can already hear the narration telling on how the blazing titan seems as if it's taking only half the damage while the hero seems to try everything will in the air. The artist is truly to be credited because this looks like it may as well be a scene from an action/fantasy movie. But on the other hand, this may as well be a new installation of the game to bring in more fans as well.

9 A Hero...?

via: btgarts.deviantart.com

Kratos has made himself well known as a powerful and highly developed character with a dark side to him but how about seeing a different side to this stoic muscled man that many gamers have come to know. With btgarts' work, we see a possible side to the God of War that looks somehow better than that original. Here we have a lone figure of a man above the remains of what seems to have been a battle, with the storm raging behind him, he looks just about teeming with power. In fact, with the way that he looks here, he legitimately looks like a hero arising after the end of a long battle. Something that is a bit ironic as Kratos is not known as a most conventional type of hero.

8 Adventure On The Horizon

via: erikshoemaker.deviantart.com

Oh, hey, look, it’s a saga within a picture. On one side we have the dark against the light and on the other side we got the hero with his mighty steed and finally we have, according to the story the artist ErikShoemaker has made, the victim in need of help the Great Deku Tree. And from the way he was done here, he does look as if an illness has taken him. Honestly, the entire scene that the artist has created looks just like one big cutscene of not just a game but also a movie. All we need now is for some good musical scores and the scene might as well come to life with Link raising his sword and giving a battle cry to tie it all together.

7 A Jungle Stroll

via: orioto.deviantart.com

I wanna be like you~ I wanna talk like you walk like… oh wait, this isn’t Jungle Book but it sure feels like it with the way that Donkey Kong is swaggering his way down that path. It’s not often that we get to see fun or pretty images of this character. An antagonist turned protagonist, this is one ape that has a lot going on with him. But then we get this pretty little sunset image done by Orioto and can you just imagine a game where he is just running through this jungle for fun. If a game featuring this character with this kind of art were to come up, there is no way that fans wouldn’t be interested.

6 It's Finally Over

via: orioto.deviantart.com

How about we take a breather with this lovely little photo perfect for an ending scene done by Orioto. We get all kinds of renditions of action works or works that are entering into action that one peaceful picture acts like a good breather. Here we have Link together with Zelda and they are simply staring out into the ocean. All is calm and it’s looks as if the adventure has ended and the two are enjoying a moment of peace. Just imagine with this art, the call of birds, the waves of the sea, then the two of them looking at each other and smiling. If that isn’t the perfect scene to roll the credits on then I don’t know what is.

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