Control has the best of both worlds, a compelling story, and fun gameplay. And while the main storyline is more than enough to get you hooked, this game, and the Oldest House where it takes place, is filled with secrets and completely missable side missions you should experience at least once.

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From secret puzzles to hidden boss fights, Control really wants players to investigate their surroundings and piece together the story of this place and for you to learn what is exactly being investigated in this place. Besides, some of the side missions have really cool rewards like optional outfits or new abilities. So if you don't know where to start, here are some of the best Control side missions.

A Merry Chase

a Merry-Go-Round Horse

Rewards: Evade Ability and 2 Ability Points

Jesse's supernatural abilities are crucial for her success in the game. However, while some of these powers are tied to story missions, some of them can only be obtained by completing side missions. Yes, this means that you can miss out on some abilities.


One of those missable abilities is Evade, which you'll get by completing "A Merry Chase." This side mission will be available while you're exploring the Maintenance Sector. Near the Janitor's Office, there's a hard-to-miss red light coming from inside the break room. Just walk towards the light, and the floor will collapse under you. All you have to do now is run and jump towards the object of power (a Merry-Go-Round Horse) and cleanse it.

What A Mess Questline

Jesse wearing the Janitor's Assistant outfit in Control

Reward: Unlocks the Janitor's Assistant outfit

This questline involves six missions you can complete for Ahti. Hey, after all, you're technically his assistant, so better get to work. Polaris and the Board can wait while you clean other parts of the Oldest House.

This quest will pop up in the corkboard located in the Janitor's Office in the Maintenance Sector. This is what you'll have to do:

  • Burn The Trash: You'll need to burn the waste barrels in the Furnace Chamber.
  • Clear The Clog: Jesse will have to go to the Pipeworks and kill a disgusting creature called the Clog. It's pretty simple, just avoid whatever it is puking and then shoot the nodes until the Clog recedes.
  • Talk To The Plants: Go to the Central Research and look for plants that are molting. Then simply talk to them to cheer them up. Six total plants are waiting for you.
  • Clear The Mold: Travel to the Medical Ward in the Containment Sector and find and shoot six mold polyps.
  • Even More Mold: If last time wasn't enough, during this mission, you'd have to travel to the upper levels of the NSC Coolant Pumps room in the Maintenance Sector and enter the caver passage. Six more mold polyps are waiting for you.
  • Take A Break: For this one, you'll have to return to the Janitor's Office and rest on the couch. Your reward for all of this hard work (the Janitor's Assistant outfit) will appear.


Jesse and a mirror in Control

Rewards: 4 Ability Points, crafting materials, a mod, and a case file: Mirror Procedures.

This one has to be one of the most exciting side missions in the base game. In "Self-reflection," you'll have to go to the Research Sector in the Ritual Division. Once there, head towards the synchronicity lab and then to the area that says "Mirror Testing."

You'll find now a puzzle you have to solve to get access to the mirror. After that is over, go to the mirror and interact with it. This will transport you to another reality. Because this one is a mirror of Jesse's reality, you'll find familiar objects and even another version of Jesse.

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Meet esseJ, Jesse's mirror and evil version, and one of the game's hidden boss fights. Just like your character, esseJ has the same abilities as Jesse and even her service weapon, so prepare for a tough fight where the enemy fights with the same tricks you do. Nevertheless, defeat the mirror person and cleanse the mirror.

Keep in mind that to unlock this side mission, you'll first need to get the Case File: Mirror Supplement, which you'll find in the Security Sector in the Prime Candidate Program area.

A Captive Audience

Jesse solving the puzzle in A Captive Audience

Rewards: Ability Points and the Seize ability

This side mission is so much worth it because it unlocks the Seize ability. With this power, Jesse is able to turn the table and make her enemies to the fighting for her. "A Captive Audience" is available once you pick up the Research and Records: Astralnauts Information collectible that's in the same area as the Parapsychology Control Point.

Now, for the mission itself, first head over to the hypnosis lab located at the Parapsychology area. Once inside, interact with the Control Unit, and of course, this triggers a puzzle. You can find the solution for this one in a paper pinned to the window that's nearby.

After you've solved the puzzle, go to the X-Ray Box and interact with it. That box is an object of power, so bounding it to you will give you access to its power. You'll be sent to the Astral Plane for the Seize ability tutorial.

Jesse Faden Starring In "Swift Platform"

side mission Jesse Faden Starring In

Rewards: 3 Ability Points, completing the achievement "Star Performance" and the Case Files: Movie Camera Procedures

This side mission is not a part of the base game, but you can find it in The Foundation DLC. However, the colors and music Remedy choose for this one make this mission an incredible experience you should see for yourself.

You'll get access to this side mission in the Transit Access in the Collapsed Department. There you'll have to find the Movie Camera Altered Item and interact with it. However, when you try to approach the item, it will fly away, and a mini-game will start.

Jesse will be now in a platform that's going through a tunnel with high speed; there are obstacles on the way that you must avoid by levitating. This side mission has two sections and the second one includes a mini boss-fight with a Hiss Elevated enemy. Defeat the enemy and get to the item to complete the mission.

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