As the protagonist of Control, Jesse Faden gets a large portion of the spotlight when it comes to her backstory and characterization. While she may have begun the game as the reluctant Director of the FBC, she fully embraces her new role by the end of the game and has found a place for herself in the weird world of the paranatural.

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While the player does learn a lot about Jesse through her conversations with the other characters as well as her one-sided, internal conversations with Polaris, there are other aspects to her history and character that are only seen in memos or audio recordings, none of which are needed to be found to finish the game.

10 She's The Elder Sibling

Dylan Faden from Control

Jesse's entire motivation for finding the Oldest House is to track down her brother, Dylan, who was taken by the FBC as a child for the Prime Candidate program. While Jesse managed to escape, the fact that she wasn't able to save her brother haunted her for many years afterward, which makes sense considering that she is the elder sibling. There's a certain protective nature that comes with being the elder sibling which drives Jesse to find her brother no matter how many people try to tell her she's crazy and that the Ordinary AWE didn't happen.


9 She Didn't Have A Good Relationship With Her Family

Jesse and Dylan Faden floating

Even before the events in Ordinary, Jesse and Dylan didn't have a good relationship with their parents. While they weren't physically or emotionally abusive, they also weren't in their children's lives all that much, something that Jesse came to resent while she and Dylan played with the Slide Projector Object of Power. However, she wouldn't have to worry about her parents for too long after this, as every adult in Ordinary mysteriously disappeared overnight.

8 She Accidentally Caused The Disappearance Of Every Adult In Ordinary

Control environment

While playing with the world that was inhabited by the entity she called Not-Mother, Jesse found herself resenting her parents more than usual and wished that her parents would go away. Unfortunately to the inhabitants of Ordinary, Not-Mother seemed to hear her wish and all adults in Ordinary disappeared shortly afterward.

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This may have been to do with Jesse's wish, but it also may have to do with the fact that Not-Mother had an affinity for children. Specifically, an affinity for turning them into monsters and violently turning them on their friends.

7 She Was Placed In Psychiatric Care For A While

Jesse being infected by the Hiss in Control

As would be expected by anyone who had to survive such a traumatic experience, Jesse wasn't handling the overnight loss of her friends and family all too well after she ran from the FBC. While she bounced around from place to place for a while, she was eventually placed in psychiatric care as doctors saw her steadfast insistence that she needed to save Dylan from a mysterious government organization as a psychotic break. After a while, Jesse managed to fool the doctors into thinking that she had moved past the experience when, in reality, she was more determined than ever to find her brother.

6 Before Control, She Lived In Cheyenne, Wyoming

Surveillance of Jesse in the Prime Candidate sector Control

Since Ordinary was swarmed with FBC agents and she never felt the need to return even years after the AWE, Jesse never stayed in one place long enough to truly call it home as the majority of her life was spent looking for the FBC. Right before she traveled to New York to find the Oldest House, however, she was apparently living in Cheyenne, Wyoming, as seen with the FBC surveillance of her in the Prime Candidate sector of the FBC.

5 Her Powers Are A Little Vague

Jesse flying in Control

Throughout Control, Jesse and Polaris' powers aren't able to be so well defined and seem to be able to do just about anything. On the surface, it seems as though Jesse has the ability to connect with Objects of Power on a much larger scale than any other employee at the FBC as she can bind just about every Object she comes across to her will. Using the powers of Polaris and the Hedron resonance also gives her immunity to the Hiss, but she may also be able to see into other realities, as she knew who Thomas Zane was despite the fact that he doesn't exist in her plane of existence, as he was trapped in the Dark Place with Alan Wake at the time.

4 She Has Bound More Objects Of Power Than Any Other Director

Object of Power in Control

For the most part, it seems as though the Director of the FBC has the innate ability to bind Objects of Power much more easily than other employees. Whether this is due to the Board's influence or not isn't known, but even compared to past Directors, Jesse has bound a lot of Objects of Power.

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In the course of the game, Jesse can find ten Objects of Power, with only three of them not being able to be bound to gain new powers: the Ashtray and Cigarette, the Songmaster Jukebox, and the Slide Projector. While the Jukebox and Slide Projector don't need to be bound to be used, the Ashtray is still bound to Trench even after his death, resulting in Jesse being unable to traverse the Ashtray Maze until much later in the game.

3 She No Longer Trusts The Board

The Board and the Former entity in Control

Following the Foundation expansion, Jesse gains some more insight on the nature of the FBC and the Board's influence over them, focusing more on Marshall's instincts than on Dr. Darling's scientific breakthroughs. After the climactic battle against a Hiss infected Marshall, in which a former enemy of Jesse, the entity known as Former, helps her by providing her with allies, Jesse realizes that she shouldn't implicitly trust the Board and promises to run the FBC in her own way.

2 She May Travel To Bright Falls In The Future

Alan Wake coming to Bright Falls

In the conclusion of the AWE expansion, which goes into much more detail on the events of several AWEs, including the recurring Bright Falls AWE that takes place during the events of Alan Wake, Langston informs Jesse that he has been given a report of another AWE in Bright Falls. The problem is that this report is dated several years in the future, possibly hinting at not only a long-awaited Alan Wake sequel but potentially a Control sequel that sees Jesse and the FBC investigate Bright Falls.

1 Courtney Hope Has Been In Remedy Games Before

Jesse Faden in Control and Beth Wilder in Quantum Break

While many actors from previous Remedy games make an appearance in Control, such as Max Payne's voice actor playing Director Trench and Alan Wake's voice actor playing Dr. Darling, they aren't the only callbacks to previous games. Courtney Hope, who plays Jesse Faden, also appeared in Quantum Break as the mysterious double agent of Monarch, Beth Wilder.

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