Cooking Simulator VR gives you the perfect platform upon which you can do really wild things like cook food, but in virtual realityThings also appear to blow up occasionally, which (depending on your success in real-life kitchens) is something you may never have had the privilege of experiencing first-hand otherwise.

This cooking sim developed by the fittingly-named Big Cheese Studio has the simple goal of letting you become the ultimate chef as you play around in a shiny-looking kitchen that's fully-equipped with all the best tools of the trade.

The game promises more than 80 recipes for you to master, a range of perks and skills to unlock, over 140 lifelike ingredients, advanced cooking mechanics, and realistic physics to have fun with. The game also apparently has both Career and Sandbox modes available to dive into.

Judging by the game's trailer released a few days ago, you'll also be able to do some neat tricks like throw a knife in the air, serve customers entire onions slapped on a plate with a sad-looking carrot and chicken leg, and flap a fire extinguisher at a blazing fire. What more could you need from a VR game?

Cooking Simulator VR is expected to release on Steam in Q4 2020.

Source: Steam

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