There was a 2021 Autumn update for Cozy Grove, adding a new array of seasonal activities to participate in. One of these is a new Halloween event, while another includes being able to have a house and house cats. There can never be enough spirit animals and these new ones will enhance your cozy experience tenfold.

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To actually get some pet spirit cats in the game, there are a few steps you need to work towards. The first one is unlocking a house. Follow these steps to understand how to unlock all these spooky goodies.

Upgrade Your Tent To a House

Cozy Grove flamey talking about the house

Though you can upgrade your tent storage with Flamey up until level ten, giving you 196 storage, people have been wanting more from their scout tents. After this Autumn update, once you first upgrade your tent to a level four, you can enter it like a house.

Upgrade your tent by speaking to Flamey and asking to increase your storage. The first two upgrades cost 5,000 coins and then 10,000 coins. The fourth upgrade will then cost you 25,000 coins. Make sure to figure out the ways to grind money in the game, like selling fruit tinctures and crafting furniture that sells for a lot.


After level four, the more you upgrade, the more your tent will visually transform into an actual house instead of a tent and sleeping bag. You will also receive a new room with each upgrade going forward. At tent and storage upgrade level four, you will have access to the house and the Cat Beckoner located inside. The Cat Beckoner is how you will get cats.

Leave Food Inside Cat Beckoner

Cozy Grove leaving food inside cat beckoner

The key to spawning a cat is to leave random recipes and food items in the Cat Beckoner and wait until the next day. Different combinations of food will spawn different types of spirit cats, like a Moon Cat or Blood Cat.

Cats are indoor only and cannot be brought outside. They also happen to not like other cats, much like how flowering bushes hate other flowering bushes. This means that if you want multiple cats, you will have to upgrade your house and have one cat per room. Some players are hoping the developers change this so that we can all become beautiful cat ladies, hoarding many spirit cats in our houses.

They have 12 hearts you need to fill to keep them happy and they drop a new type of essence — Hairball. As of right now, there is no use for this spirit cat essence just yet.

How To Get Each Type of Cat In Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove different types of cats

Players everywhere are trying to but heads together to determine which solid food combinations spawn which type of cat. So far, there's no straight answer, as different people have tried different combinations from others and gotten the same cat as them.

There is currently a Reddit master post on the Cozy Grove subreddit where someone has created a table, putting everyones combinations together to find a pattern. Check out the post here to find out what type of cats there are and how to get them.

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