The last few years have been full of leaked information about everyone’s favorite Nintendo plumber, Mario. Why this happens is hard to say. Is Nintendo’s security getting lazier, as evidenced by the massive quote-unquote "giga leak" Nintendo experienced earlier this year, or are these leakers, hackers, or whatever just getting more resourceful? Maybe these leakers are getting better contacts, who knows?

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However this happens, it never ceases to create a whirlwind of speculation. Are these rumors real, and, if so, when is Nintendo going to finally make the news official? With the case of these seven entries, most are uncovered almost half a year before reveal or release, which creates a large window for said speculation. With that in mind, let's check out a few that actually turned out to be completely accurate.

7 Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Promo art for Super Mario 3D All-Stars

The rumors for this Mario collection sprung up around March. Almost everything in the varying rumor articles was spot on. That is to say that this would include HD versions of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy in a package similar to Super Mario All-Stars on the Super Nintendo.

Other rumors speculated that Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario 3D World would be included, as well. Whatever the exact rumor was, this persisted for months until it was both revealed and launched this September. A six-month window without Nintendo making a peep is pretty extraordinary.


6 Mario + Rabbids

Promo art for Mario + Rabbids

Rumors for this collaboration first appeared when the Nintendo Switch was still referred to as the NX; this was in November 2016. It would not officially be unveiled until E3 2017 at Ubisoft’s press conference aka June.

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It was leaked by LetsPlayVideoGames, who guessed that this would be a crossover RPG between both franchises. It went on to mention Yoshi would be a big inclusion in the game, though he wasn’t. Still, most everything else about this initial rumor and the leaks that followed was mostly true. It was hard to believe it existed and also turned out to be so highly-praised.

5 Paper Mario: The Origami King

A gameplay screenshot from Paper Mario The Origami King

Another Mario rumor that started even before the Super Mario 3D All-Stars hit it big was in regard to a new Paper Mario. This was leaked by Sabi. They revealed this news in January of this year.

While a new Paper Mario game did indeed come out, it wasn’t back to tradition like rumors made it out to be. Many ideas thought it would be more like The Thousand-Year Door. Interestingly, also in this rumor, a new 2D Metroid was also supposed to come out on Switch, but no official news has been given yet. Paper Mario: The Origami King launched in July.

4 Mario Kart Live

A screenshot from the Mario Kart Live trailer

As part of the Mario Nintendo Direct, Mario Kart Live was also announced. This can sort of be traced back to Sabi, once again. In February, they heard that a big release this Holiday season was going to have tires in it, but that was pretty much the end of the rumor.

Based on this, speculation arose to bring about the idea of Mario Kart 9. What other Nintendo series would this be referring to? While it was indeed related to that series, no one ever thought Nintendo would create an AR game with toy cars. Mario Kart Live is set to launch on October 16.

3 Super Nintendo Online

A gameplay screenshot from Super Mario World

Before the Super Nintendo service launched for Nintendo Online, rumors spread about it long before it was both announced and released. This all started in January 2019 when a user going under @KapuccinoHeck on Twitter found data on almost the entire launch lineup of the service.

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This included several Mario games: Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Super Mario World, and Super Mario All-Stars. The only Mario game from this leak that wasn’t there at launch was Super Mario All-Stars. That actually just came out during the recent Mario Nintendo Direct. The service launched that September.

2 Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga DX

Promo art for 6 Mario & Luigi- Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions

That was the name uncovered in an eShop leak from the user @SciresM on Twitter. This was probably a code name, as Nintendo uses DX a lot for special upgrades for games like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX, or Pokkén Tournament DX just to name a couple. This data was uncovered in April 2017.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, the official title, would then go on to launch that October. This was another six-month time delay between a leak and a launch. Why put out that data on the eShop so soon?

1 Luigi’s Mansion 2

Promo art for Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon

This one was a huge leak between release, reveal, and launch. Luigi’s Mansion 2 was first uncovered through a trademark Nintendo filed. This is a common way people can find out about projects in the works. This was in January 2010.

The game would not officially get unveiled until E3 2011, which was over a year later. Presumably one could guess that when this was filed, work had just begun on the project. The 3DS wasn’t even a thing yet. The game itself would not launch until 2013 under the full name of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

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