Dungeons & Dragons. There is nothing better than that when it comes to the imagination of many fans all over the world. Players are able to play whatever and whoever they want in a world that is within their own making. The brightest example of this is Critical Role which is played by famous voice actors such as Matthew Mercer, Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham and many more. This has become such a phenomenon that many people tune in to see what adventures come next.

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So just for fun, it would be interesting to see which Myers-Briggs® personalities fit the Season 1 cast of characters.

10 Dungeon Master: Anything

Essentially the mastermind behind the Dungeons & Dragons stories, what a dungeon master is able to do is primarily moving the story along like a narrator. That means they could take any role of any character however they see fit.

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Considering the pedigree that Matthew Mercer has as an actor, it would make sense as a dungeon master that the personality can be virtually whatever he wants it to be. The fan art is done by El Jore.


9 Pike Trickfoot: ISFJ

Next up is Pike Trickfoot. Played by Ashley Johnson, she is inherently a cleric, so as such she cares deeply for those around her. However, due to the things that have happened to her, she has often dealt with a lot of frustration and guilt in relation to her own abilities. In a sense, this fits very well with her personality of ISFJ. Also known as the Defender, they are often known for doing a lot for others. However, they can also tend to overload themselves which often goes against them due to their perfectionist mentality. The fan art is done by It's Just Hieu.

8 Vax'ilidan: ISFP

Played by Liam O'Brien, Vax is the serious twin to his sister Vex and as such can take things very cautiously. Nonetheless, he can often be a bit of a trickster at times and could be quite the prankster at times. Of course, he also has a bit of self-loathing as he does brood at times. This fits with the ISFP personality marvelously. Also known as the adventurer, they are known for being quite sensitive to other peoples emotions which is what Vax himself often does by wearing his heart on his sleeve. But the adventurers easiest weakness is their over fluctuating self-esteem and being easily stressed with everything. Fan art is done by Darantha.

7 Scanlan Shorthalt: ENTP

Scanlan Shorthalt is quite the personality. Played by Sam Riegel, he is a gnome bard who often watches and sits back as his allies plan out their next point of action. Thanks to his silver tongue and quick footing, he is quite the ally to have in a tight bind. This fits well with the ENTP personality also known as the debater. A debater's greatest strength is being a quick thinker while also being quite original with the approach they are willing to take. However, their biggest weakness could be from that strength as they can be very argumentative with their debates. Fan art is by Lalalyssh.

6 Percival "Percy" Fredrickson Von Klossowski De Rolo III: INTJ

Percy is a human gunslinger played by Taliesin Jaffe. Compared to the rest of the characters shown on the list so far, he is often quite quiet. Valuing speech only when it is absolutely necessary. For the most part, he makes the adult rational choice while also being fairly strategic during a fight. This fits the personality of INTJ also known as the Architect. Architects tend to be fairly open-minded while being a jack of all trades which fits the strategic nature of Percy. That being said, that can prove to be their outdoing as they can be overly critical at times. Fan art is done by TillaSeger.

5 Grog Strongjaw: ESFP

The next character on the list is the big lovable tank, Grog Strongjaw. Played by Travis Willingham, he is a barbarian that thinks more with his brawn than his brains. This has led him to be quite impulsive in certain fights. However, he makes up for it by having the biggest heart out of everyone in the main cast. Grog Strongjaw most strongly fits the ESFP personality or the Entertainer. As they can be quite bold as people, but they are often known for getting bored quite easily or being unfocused overall. The fan art for Grog is done by Darantha.

4 Vex'ahlia: ESTP

Vex is the twin sister of Vax and is played by Laura Bailey. A half-elf, she is known for her pragmatism. As she can be quite deceptive as a character, who is willing to bluff through any situation. She can be quite flirtatious as well but it only hides her hidden fragility due to her feeling unwanted by other people. This fits quite well with the ESTP or the Entrepreneur personality, as they can be quite perceptive people. Not only that, but their greatest weakness is also their insensitivity. Which could explain why Vex puts a front. The fan art made is done by jessketchin.

3 Taryon Darrington: ENFP

The next character on the list is Taryon Darrington, played once again by Sam Reigel as his second persona, he is often known to underestimate the intelligence of the characters. This often leads to a lot of issues like explaining everything in a way where he assumes everyone isn't literate. He also gives nicknames to a majority of the characters he meets. This fits the Campaigner personality or ENFP who are known for their people skills. But they also have poor practical skills. The fan art is done by CaioESantos.

2 Keyleth: INFP

Keyleth is incredibly shy and isn't the best with social conversations. Played by Marisha Ray, she is known for her incredibly strong compass. This can make her question her teams' choices quite a lot of the time.

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The personality choice that fits her the most is INFP or the Mediator, as they like to be open-minded while also attempting to maintain harmony. However, they can be a bit too idealistic at times which does fit with the personality of Keyleth. Fan art is done by Dan Yoon.

1 Tiberius Stormwind: INTP

The last character is Tiberius Stormwind, played by Orion Acaba. As a character, he can often be quite buffoonish at times, but he often tries his best when it comes to helping his friends. He makes up for this by his battle capabilities.

His personality fits the Logician who is known for being great analysts and can be quite straightforward as people. However, their greatest weakness is being fairly absent-minded at times which fits Tiberius's buffoonish nature. Fan art is done by ForgingMeanings.

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