Among increasing calls for social distancing and the release of the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount book, Critical Role, Roll20, and Wizards of the Coast have come together to announce that the first adventure from the book will be free!

Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount expands the game of Dungeons & Dragons with the setting, magic, and artifacts of Wildemount. This is where the second campaign of Critical Role takes place. The continent is home to four main regions and is sure to make a great setting for your game – one where the tensions between the Dwendalian Empire and Xhorhas serve as a backdrop.

The book is filled with secrets and mysteries crafted by Critical Role’s own Matthew Mercer. The guide has new options that can be used in other D&D games such as spells, items, and the time and space powers of Dunamancy. Campaigns can take place within many parts of Wildemount as seen in the array of introductory adventures. Players can even make deeper and more impactful backstories with the help of the Heroic Chronicle system.

The offer covers the book’s “Frozen Sick” adventure. It includes full text, and the Palebank Village section from the Wildemount Gazetteer. It’s designed specifically for characters around levels 1-3 so it’s a perfect starting point for a new campaign.

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All of this follows Roll20’s "Stay at Home, Play at Home" list that was published on March 13th. According to Polygon’s interview with Nolan T. Jones, a managing partner of Roll20, the company’s goal has always been to close distances between players. “Roll20’s mission has always been to unite gamers across any distance, and we’re working hard at continuing that pursuit as we see the world’s need to move their gaming gatherings online,” he said. He also noted that “Critical Role has united and created millions of Dungeons & Dragons fans around the world.”

You can get your hands on the free copy here. If you want the full guide, it’s available for purchase online in Roll20’s shop.

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