According to a string of tweets posted by user MauroNL yesterday, San Fransisco-based developer Crystal Dynamics has a few tell-tale job postings up at the moment. While we're just using our spidey-senses of deduction here, it's possible that we're looking at the rumblings of a new Marvel-related multiplayer on the horizon.

Of course, today marks the official release date of Crystal Dynamics' triple-A multiplayer title Marvel's Avengers, which is no doubt what the studio has been funnelling all of their attentions into over recent months. However, with these current job postings on the studio's website, it's very tempting to assume things on the multiplayer Marvel scene are far from being over.

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This is because, according to MauroNL, "Marvel and Square Enix signed a 'multi-year, multi-game' deal back in Jan 2017" - Crystal Dynamics being a subsidiary of Square Enix.


The positions open at Crystal Dynamics certainly do suggest some kind of multiplayer project is in the pipelines. These include a lead multiplayer systems designer, technical director for online services, online services engineer, and a live operations producer. MauroNL put together a few intriguing tidbits from the various posts, including that the studio is currently in "the formative stages of a new original AAA game being built in [their] Redwood City studio."

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An individual skilled in "ranged combat control, tuning, and balance in a PVE and PVP multiplayer environment" is also being called upon, as well as a "creative, multiplayer focused" lead economy designer for "designing and driving progression systems, engaging rewards, and setting a path for an ongoing in-game economy." Applicants are mostly required to have had decent experience working on action-adventure, third-person shooter, or multiplayer triple-A games.

MauroNL suggests all this could point towards some kind of future DLC for Marvel's Avengers. We'll just have to wait and see, and have Marvel's Avengers keep us busy until then.

In the meantime, though, fans of Crystal Dynamics' long-time commitment Tomb Raider might be in for a longer wait than previously thought before welcoming back their favorite butt-kicking beauty Lara Croft. This sort of news cropping up does suggest that the studio will probably have their hands full with all things Marvel for the foreseeable future, unless they're planning a surprise Tomb Raider Multiplayer Party?

Source: Twitter

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