The Counter-Strike Professional Player's Association (CSPPA) has teamed up with DreamHack and ESL to create a framework agreement that will standardize future tournaments.

The framework will ensure that players have the same rights and obligations at all tournaments, as well as define tournament organizer responsibilities. The ESL is the largest esports company in the world, and DreamHack is also a huge organizer and has hosted some of the largest LAN parties ever seen. By linking up with the CSPPA, they are creating a professional environment for both competitors and organizers, which will also end up being beneficial to fans. The agreement marks another milestone in the rapidly growing esports scene and represents s shift towards the traditional sports model.

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According to Dot Esports, ESL's senior vice president of product, Ulrich Schulze stated that "the natural extension of this effort is recognizing the CSPPA as a partner in improving the ESL Pro Tour." He goes on to say "this partnership is is a very important milestone for us, as well as a big step forward towards the future of the industry." The first event to take place with the new framework will be the IEM Katowice, the first event of the season, which will start on February 25.

The agreement between the three companies means they will work together in defining the rights of players and in governing the tournament circuit. It will also let them cooperate on the events calendar and player breaks. In the future, it could work towards the standardization of player contracts and intellectual property rights.


Both DreamHack and ESL have agreed to adhere to their current standard of providing transport and accommodation for up to seven members per team, as well as private practice rooms and defined distances between the player hotel and the competition venue.

As part of the new framework, the CSPPA will receive a percentage of the business revenue. They will also have a say in the league's administration through their representatives on the ESL Pro League player council. The seven players on the board are OG's Nathan "NBK" Schmitt, Jordan "N0thing" Gilbert, Evil Geniuses' Tarik Celik, Astralis' Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth, MIBR's Epitácio " Taco" De Melo, and Mouseport's Chris "chrisJ" de Jong.

It's great to see some of the biggest companies in the industry coming together to create a formal standard for all players and all competitions. As long as the framework works to benefit both the companies and the players equally, it should be a success.

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