The Alola Region of Pokémon Sun & Moon might be known for its tropical vacation vibes and scenic views, but the native Pokémon are just as fun and exciting. Across its four islands, there are guardian Tapus who protect the region, Pokémon who perfectly fit the island theme, Pokémon from a different dimension, and Pokémon who are just plain adorable.

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The cutest Pokémon of Alola come in all shapes and sizes, and they certainly know how to woo the entire region with their charm. Whether they've got those adorable baby doll eyes or an endearing personality, there's no doubt that these ten Pokémon of Alola have captured the hearts of fans.

10 Alolan Raichu

The original Raichu from the Kanto Region is already a cute electric mouse, but its Alolan variant might be even cuter with its pretty blue eyes. Besides its eyes, the biggest differences between the variants are in its ears and tail.

While Kantonian Raichu's tail and ears are sharp and pointed, Alolan Raichu's are much more soft and rounded. It even uses its tail as a mini surfboard, which fits perfectly with its Z-Move, Stoked Sparksurfer.


9 Bewear

Right off the bat, Bewear resembles a giant black and pink teddy bear. But despite its cute appearance, it's actually one of the most dangerous Pokémon around.

With its friendly face, pink paw pads, and bunny-like ears, Bewear lures unsuspecting victims into a false sense of security. And whether intentional or not, it's very possible for Bewear to squash people to their deaths with its powerful hugs.

8 Bounsweet

As a Grass Pokémon who resembles the tropical mangosteen fruit, Bounsweet fits the island theme of the Alola Region perfectly. Its bright colors and smile are sure to bring joy to any trainer that sees it.

In addition to its sweet little smile, Bounsweet also carries a very sweet scent that attracts many Pokémon and humans. It is said that its sweat is sweet enough to drink as juice.

7 Cosmog

Cosmog is the tiny Nebula Pokémon who is shown to be very curious and peppy as Lillie's companion in the Sun & Moon games. Although Lillie wishes to keep it hidden and safe in her bag, Cosmog will take every opportunity to sneak out of the bag to explore and say hi to the player.

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That being said, Lillie has a good reason to keep Cosmog a secret. Despite its adorable and harmless nature, Cosmog is actually a Legendary Pokémon and the pre-evolution of Alola's mighty Solgaleo and Lunala.

6 Popplio

As one of the Alola starter Pokémon, Popplio has to be cute in order to win over the hearts of new trainers. It does so with both its sweet appearance and personality.

In terms of its appearance, Popplio is a happy blue sea lion pup with a ruffled collar and a prominent pink nose. With its nose, it can produce giant balloon bubbles to play and perform with. As it evolves, its cuteness transitions into elegance as Primarina.

5 Rockruff

Similar to Growlithe, Lillipup, and Yamper, Rockruff is the designated Puppy Pokémon of the Alola Region. Amongst the other Puppy Pokémon, Rockruff most closely resembles an actual dog which no doubt adds to how lovable it is.

One of its cutest quirks is how it shows its love for its trainer. Like a real dog, Rockruff will nuzzle its trainer with affection, though the rocks on its neck might hurt a bit if the trainer is not careful.

4 Komala

Believe it or not, Komala is the one and only koala in the Pokémon universe so far. Like a true koala, Komala is always found to be fast asleep. However, rather than sleeping up in a tree all the time, Komala has a trusty log that it cuddles with.

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On occasions, Komala will even swap out its log and hugs its trainer's arm instead. Either way, this adorable sleeping koala bear must be protected at all costs from the likes of its natural predator, Hypno.

3 Rowlet

Rowlet's design is rather simple as a round little owl with a bowtie-like leaf. Still, its quirky personality as one of Ash's Pokémon might be what makes it the cute Grass starter that it is.

Because it's a nocturnal owl, Ash's Rowlet has a tendency to fall asleep, often with a snooze bubble coming out of its beak. It also fits adorably well into Ash's backpack where it can enjoy a nice ride outside of its Poké Ball.

2 Togedemaru

As one of the electric rodents of the Pokémon franchise, Togedemaru is as cute as its fellow Pikachu look-alikes. Like the other rodents, it is an Electric-type distinguished by small size and spots for cheeks.

What separates Togedemaru from its rodent friends is its extra round shape. When it is happiest, it will curl up into a ball and start rolling, unable to control its joy.

1 Alolan Vulpix

Like Raichu, Vulpix is one of the original 150 Pokémon to receive an Alolan variant in Sun & Moon. Unlike its Fire-type Kantonian form, Alolan Vulpix is an Ice-type.

This type change from Fire to Ice plays a big role in Alolan Vulpix's new look. Rather than its original orange-brown color, Alolan Vulpix is a frosty pale blue tone with fluffy tufts of fur that resemble clouds.

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