If you want your project to gain worldwide attention with inevitable success, bring Keanu Reeves on board and ask him to help out with the marketing. That's what CD Projekt Red has done with Cyberpunk 2077, by releasing an exciting new commercial that features the man himself, who plays Johnny Silverhand in-game, in the flesh.

Premiered during game one of this year’s NBA finals - between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat - Reeves stepped onto the small screen to deliver a personal invitation for gamers to come and explore Night City. Accompanied by Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy hit, Reeves encouraged players to become “anyone [or] anything, if your body can pay the price,” within the city that knows no limits. The promotional video used the slogan “Seize the day,” designed to get players hyped for Cyberpunk 2077’s November release.

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Keanu Reeves received one hell of a welcome when he appeared at E3 2019 to debut his Cyberpunk 2077 character Johnny Silverhand. Joining the project - along with a handful of other famous faces - has been a tremendous selling point for CD Projekt Red’s second IP. Silverhand is a central character within the upcoming action-RPG, who was once the lead singer of the in-game band Samurai. The man is also ex-military and the driving force behind the rockerboy movement, who is dedicated to freeing his girlfriend from the Arasaka Corporation.

The new commercial was met with mixed reactions in light of CD Projekt Red’s recent controversy regarding crunch development times; mandatory pressure applied to employees to deliver the product on time. Cyberpunk 2077 has already received two substantial delays in the past that pushed its original release of April 16, to September 17, to November, which is thought to be the reason behind the crunch.


While the development team grinds from their end, gamers are certainly thankful for all the work that has already been put into making Night City look like the in-game place to be. Located in the Free State of Northern California, the city was voted as the “Worst place to live in America,” according to Cyberpunk 2077 lore. Despite the contradiction, Night City is presented as a stunning display of neon adventure and risky exploration.

Cyberpunk 2077 will release on November 19 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC, with a version for Google Stadia releasing shortly after.

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