UPDATE 8/23/20: In a tweet, it has been confirmed that the size and color of the subtitles will be adjustable.

Cyberpunk 2077, the sci-fi RPG in the works at CD Projekt Red's studios, has been on the minds of many gamers (whether out of hype or due to its multiple controversies) since its massively hyped 2018 E3 demo. While those who are eager for the game to release will happily follow any updates or screenshots on the game's official Twitter account, people have spotted a bit of an issue with the latest one. Well, some of them spotted it - the rest probably had a hard time finding it at all.

The screenshot in question showcases an in-game dialogue choice with an NPC named Kirk. So far, so good - in keeping with the game's cyberpunk aesthetic, the smoky neon-filled bar looks like something out of a movie. The problem is that the subtitles for this dialogue are neon teal and about the size of a footnote in an algebra textbook. As Twitter user Steve Saylor eloquently puts it, actually locating the game's subtitles on the screen could be its own sort of game.

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This is bad accessibility. It might be cool UI design, but if people with 20/20 vision have to squint to see a game's subtitles, odds are they aren't particularly useful to people with worse vision. Of course, there are a few things to consider here: it's still possible that CDPR has included a means of customizing the UI or subtitles, and that there will be options less egregious than this. But increasing the size of subtitles is a rarer feature than it ought to be in games, and they're also nearly always an opt-in experience.

Also, to put it bluntly, why even include a version of subtitles that are nearly worthless? There are other neon colors out there to use if it's about sticking to a theme, and gamers who need (or prefer) to turn on subtitles can probably handle something a bit bigger than font size eight sprawled across the bottom of the screen. To those who always turn on subtitles, bigger text isn't 'distracting' because it's completely necessary to understanding what is being said by the characters on screen.


Three months out from its projected release, Cyberpunk 2077 touts itself as a dive into the future with excellent graphics and complex RPG storytelling mechanics. We just hope it's able to catch up with the present-day when it comes to accessibility.

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