The first full patch for Cyberpunk 2077 has finally been released. While the patch addresses a lot of the stability issues that players have been experiencing, it has also introduced a game-breaking progression bug that wasn't there before.

Since the game's release in December—and subsequent delisting from PlayStation Network—CD Projekt Red has been under intense pressure to fix the game. The embattled company is facing two different (verified) class-action lawsuits from investors who feel that they were misled about the game's readiness. It is also facing scrutiny from the Polish government, which has threatened the company with fines if it does not follow through on promises to fix the game.

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Patch 1.1 is the first of two patches that CD Projekt Red promised would help stabilize the game on last-gen consoles—the Xbox One and the PS4. The second is supposed to be coming sometime in February. Patch 1.1 has fixed many of the issues that players were experiencing, including progression issues in certain missions, but has since introduced another progression related bug. As reported in Forbes, when Takamura calls you in the "Down the street" mission, you will get stuck and he won't say anything.


Without the dialogue, you will be left without a way to progress in the mission. Unfortunately, restarting the game from that point won't fix the issue. Even if you reload a save that was, say, 20 minutes before that point, the bug will still be there. To address the problem CDPR has come up with the following solution:

  1. Load an older save file before Takamura and V leave Wakako’s office.
  2. V must finish the conversation with Takamura outside the office right away.
  3. Right after the conversation and updated quest progression, skip 23 hours.
  4. This should trigger the holocall and the correct conversation.

Following those steps should trigger the right conversation and allow you to continue with the game. While this may seem like another major issue for the game, it should still be mentioned that the 1.1 patch has fixed 13 of these same kinds of bugs. When compared to what it was, the 1.1 patch is a resounding success, even if it did introduce another game-breaking glitch. For those who have yet to experience the game, the price has been reduced to the $30 range in many places and promises to get progressively better over the course of the next year.

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Source: Forbes

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