This rumor of a darker Harry Potter role playing game with a morality system has been stirring up some real world questions. If given the chance who among us wouldn’t dabble in a little dark magic?

Despite the connotation of their title, the Dark Arts, are not innately evil. Mean? Sure. But straight-up evil? That depends on the witch or wizard. There’s a lot of grey area in good and evil, both in the wizarding world just like the real world. Even if you’re the purest of Gryffindors since Godric himself, there’s always been some part of you that’s just itched to hex that Karen in front of you at Trader Joe’s. Romilda Vane, a fine and upstanding Gryffindor, tried to use Amortentia, the world’s strongest love potion, to shoot her shot with Harry Potter, but no one is calling her evil.

Come to the Dark Side (We have Cookies!)

While it’s reported that there’s no way to actually side with the villain in the rumored Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy, the spells to cast and interactions to have are totally up to gamer discretion. It’s more or less the same as siding with the Jedi or Sith path in Knights of the Old Republic.

It’s an age-old choice: dark side or light side. Will you choose the side of control, rules, and order, or will you let your imagination and emotion run away with you? It’s hard to argue that dark magic isn’t the more liberated of the two paths—it radiates chaos energy.

We were all raised on the bright shiny parts of Harry Potter, everything above the belt and by the book. But some parts of dark magic are objectively awesome.

A Broader Spellbook

Harry was deemed a pariah for most of his second year at Hogwarts for being a parseltongue, but what kid doesn’t want to speak to animals? A trait commonly associated with dark wizards—and actually a trait that was passed down by Voldemort himself—it’s one of the traits that’s only whispered about in polite wizard society. Even though it’s not exactly learnable in the Harry Potter universe, being able to unlock it as a skill would open up some cool interactions.


Aside from the Unforgivable curses—two of which are used by Harry himself, for the record—there is a lot of other dark magic to pick from if dark wizard is an actual playable route. By using dark magic, wizards can raise their own armies of the undead. They’re called inferi and you saw them at the bottom of that weird cave lake in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It takes some advanced spellcasting ability to be able to raise a dead body, but the skill tree is supposed to be extensive in Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy.

Hexes, jinxes, curses, are all technically dark magic but you can learn a good chunk of them in a charms class. Stacking a skill tree with stinging jinxes and fiendfyre—a very big target seeking flame—would make for some interesting duels.

A Typical Witch Aesthetic 

While we all love pointy hats and homemade sweaters, there’s just something about that dark wizard aesthetic. Say what you want about the Malfoy family, but the crew’s got style. Even the way Death Eaters apparate in that big black swirl of mist is cooler than the regular wizard's poof.

If memory serves, the only characters in the movies with tattoos, other than the fully indoctrinated Death Eaters, did some time in Azkaban. Witches and Wizards don't just get thrown into Azkaban over small offenses either. Being able to customize a character in a Harry Potter game that’s dressed head to toe in black and oozing that bad boy/girl vibe will call to people in a way that mom jeans and converse just don’t.

Goth and punk rock definitely fall more on the dark wizard side of the closet—see the Snatchers for an excellent example of punk dress code in the wizarding world. Plaid pants straight from Hot Topic, guy-liner, and a ponytail? Yes, please.

Creature Comforts

Of course, most creatures aren’t innately evil, Newt Scamander spent his life proving that—but some of them sure aren’t friendly. One of the promises for Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy is the option of having a companion. With little else to go off, let’s go to the extreme.

As a dark wizard what would be cooler than riding on the back of a manticore, or its closely related blast-ended skrewt—which is basically a scorpion with two butts that toots explosions. Get whatever you want with a team of giant acromantula that will literally eat people at your discretion if you’re a friend to the spiders. Remember those Inferi we talked about before? Think of a better security system, I dare you.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be an animagus so you can transform into an animal with a bad reputation, like an alligator or a vulture. Of course, becoming an animagus isn’t officially dark magic, but there’s a lot of dark stuff that can be accomplished with extra teeth and claws. If Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy doesn’t involve an animagus track, I want my money back.

In Defense of the Dark Arts

Being able to assume the role of a dark wizard would really open up the other half of the wizarding world. In basically all other Harry Potter games so far, the closest you could get to going dark was being sorted into Slytherin. But now, even the sweet Hufflepuff house could have the chance to go rogue and fill out their hex branch before anything else. The fact is that some people just side more with the dark. Slinging curses, wearing combat boots, and hanging out at Borgin and Burkes could be someone’s exact idea of a good time, Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy has the potential to bring that nightmare to life.

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