Bandai Namco US's official Twitter account has just posted some new screenshots from the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. They feature Super Saiyan 3 Goku, his hair as long as ever, in combat with Kid Buu, the final form of the villain of Dragon Ball Z's fourth major saga.

Of course, any Dragon Ball Z fan knows that Goku's Super Saiyan 3 form was one of many new forms and transformations that ultimately failed to defeat Majin Buu. Whether or not DBZ: Kakarot offers players the opportunity to rewrite history, so to speak, and take down Kid Buu as the coolest-looking version of Goku unfortunately remains to be seen.

The third screenshot posted in Bandai Namco's Tweet seems to depict Goku using his Dragon Fist technique, of which the golden dragon is a hallmark. This is fitting, given that he first used the attack in his SS3 form—however, it was in a non-canon movie, Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon, that takes place in a period of time following the Majin Buu saga. All subsequent uses of the attack took place in the canonically hazy sequel series, Dragon Ball GT. This could be just the attack Goku needs to defeat Kid Buu in the video game timeline, should that be a scenario made possible for the player.

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Thus far, videos and screenshots have depicted elements of all of DBZ's major sagas, suggesting a game narrative that will manage to span more-or-less the entirety of its source material's notoriously lengthy story. Other major characters are playable in addition to Goku, despite the "Kakarot" subtitle and the promise that the game will focus on Goku's journey. The focus will likely still be predominately on Goku, however, meaning that SS3 could be just one of many possible transformations. In the show at least, those ultimately include a bunch of Kaio-ken multipliers and numbered Super Saiyan "grades" in addition to the mainline Super Saiyan forms.


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will allow players to control Super Saiyan 3 Goku and much more in its purportedly large and anime-inspired open world when it releases on January 17 in 2020.

Source: Bandai Namco US on Twitter

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