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House Of Ashes is the latest entry in the Dark Pictures anthology series. It's a horror game that involves quick time events, decision-making, and secret-finding to unravel a nuanced story. TheGamer has a comprehensive set of guides for all of your House Of Ashes needs.

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One of the types of collectables available in the game is "Pictures." These clay tablets depicted ancient figures, but give you a brief premonition of a possible future for the characters that you're controlling. White-Bordered pictures will give you a premonition of a positive outcome, while Black-Bordered pictures give a premonition of a character's death. There is only one Gold-Bordered picture in the game, and it depicts something that will occur in the next game in the anthology. Here, we detail how to find them all!


House of Ashes - Picture, Gold-Bordered - Hotel
  • Scene: Strange Aeons
  • Premonition: A man lights a lighter and a woman watches him burn to death

The gold-bordered picture in House of Ashes is found towards the end of the game. When your full surviving team regroups in the underground city, you'll be given the opportunity to stop and talk to all of the other surviving teammates. This picture is found in this region, on a crate on the right-hand side of the room.



House of Ashes - Picture, Black-Bordered - Arisen
  • Scene: Cursed
  • Premonition: A deathly hand reaches up out of a hole and grasps a ledge

Arisen is probably the first picture you'll come across. It's found during the game's prologue (the Cursed scene) when the men are given free rein to walk around the circular room, on top of a pile of bones.


House of Ashes - Picture, Black Bordered, Bloodbath - Tripwire
  • Scene: Bloodbath
  • Premonition: Rachel activating a tripwire and being killed in an explosion

The Tripwire picture is found during the Bloodbath scene. After Rachel has fallen into the abyss and Eric meets up with Jason and Nick, they start setting up cameras around the archeological site. Jason will descend down a staircase into an ominously familiar circular room where he can find several secrets and this picture on a pile of bones.


House of Ashes - Picture, Black-Bordered - Thirst
  • Scene: The Signal
  • Premonition: Nick being strangled by a deathly hand

You'll find this picture during The Signal, in the scene after Rachel is helped out of the abyss by Clarice. You're given the ability to roam around as Nick outside the archeological dig site. This picture is lying on a crate in the middle of this area - the easiest way to find it is to go to the Expedition Map (Secret #3), turn around, and start walking straight. It's a little hidden if you come at it from the other side.


House of Ashes - Black Bordered Picture - Squeeze
  • Scene: Underworld
  • Premonition: Merwin being pulled backwards through a small hole

When you play as Nick for the first time after falling into the caverns, he and Jason will meet up in a large room with a stone hand. There's a set of wooden doors past the hand that you'll progress through- but first, check the small staircase to the left! It leads to a ruined room and this picture.


House of Ashes - Black-Bordered Picture - Fallen
  • Scene: Pazuzu
  • Premonition: Rachel falling into a black abyss

The Fallen picture is found when playing as Eric during Pazuzu. After Rachel wakes Eric up, the two dive further into the caves using their rope. Along the next path, check the right-hand wall for a side path. It leads to a dead-end where you'll find this picture.


House of Ashes - Black-Bordered Picture - Mauled
  • Scene: Brothers
  • Premonition: Salim's head is crushed by a creature as he drops a flare

This picture is slightly tricky to find, and very easy to miss - from the main path, it doesn't really sparkle and show off its location. During Brothers, right after you've gotten off of the elevator, check the right-hand side thoroughly. There's a minuscule dead-end path next to the glowing tree trunk and you'll find this picture at the end of it.

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House of Ashes - staked picture location
  • Scene: After The Fall
  • Premonition: Jason staking an attacker in the heart

You'll find this clay tablet of a man sacrificing a goat-like creature during After The Fall. Erik and Rachel deal with an Iraqi, while Jason and Nick run from a mysterious, monstrous pursuer. When the two groups meet up, Jason leaves to restart the generator. After progressing a bit, you'll go down a hallway and past a tripwire. In the next room, this clay tablet rests on top of a wooden crate.


House of Ashes - Picture, White-Bordered - Surrendered
  • Scene: Slayer
  • Premonition: Salim surrendering with his hands up in the air

This clay tablet features two men with swords. The one on the right is holding his up, while the one on the left is bending down on one knee. You find it during Slayer, while controlling Nick after just having controlled Salim. It's in the large room that you enter with a pool of blood on one side. Head to the right to find the tablet next to Secret #14: Randolph's Journal - Part 3.


House of Ashes - White Bordered Picture - Daylight
  • Scene: Pazuzu
  • Premonition: A creature's hand reaches for someone's leg and catches fire in the light

At the start of Pazuzu, you'll get the chance to play as Salim for the first time since everyone fell underground. As you travel through the ruins, you'll walk into a room with a large staircase and a bloody American soldier lying dead on the ground to your right. Directly across from the dead body, on the left-hand side as you enter the room, is a nook with this picture inside.


House of Ashes - White Bordered Picture - Ultraviolet
  • Scene: The Temple
  • Premonition: Eric uses a UV wand on a dead creature and it catches fire

In the House of Ashes scene The Temple, while playing as Rachel, you'll be able to find this picture. It's in a side room separate from the large throne room. Head past the generator, up the stairs, and past the throne to find the hallway leading to the side room. The picture is straight ahead!


House of Ashes - White Bordered Picture - Disarmed
  • Scene: The Raid
  • Premonition: Rachel disarms Jason and points the gun at him

The Disarmed Picture is found in the Shepherds' homes during The Raid, on top of a crate under a bunch of the "pagan effigies."


House of Ashes - White Bordered Picture - Comrades
  • Scene: Enemy of my Enemy
  • Premonition: Salim protects Jason from a creature by throwing his stake into its chest

When playing as Jason and Salim in Enemy of my Enemy, one of the first things you do is pass through a gate. Jason and Salim have to work together to raise it, but it collapses and Salim must dig out a path for Jason. After that's all done, the path advances ahead and to the left - but check the right-hand side first, because this picture is framed there in the wall.

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House of Ashes complete guide
House Of Ashes: Complete Guide And Walkthrough

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