Dark Souls 3 is home to several amazing weapons that work for dozens of play styles and character builds. Depending on preference and build, certain weapons will scale and be extremely powerful. With the right build, most tools can be viable; however, some weapons are naturally better than others.

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Looking over the base stats for the weapons, there's a number of them that rise above the rest. From greataxes to melee weapons, FromSoftware provides a large selection of powerful tools to take out the vilest of enemies.

10 Dragonslayer's Axe

Dark Souls 3 Best Weapons

The lore of Dark Souls can be tough to follow, but the Dragonslayer's Axe has a neat story in addition to its 105 physical and 105 lightning damage it provides. A man who was known as Creighton the Wanderer used this weapon, and he happened to once be part of the Knights of Mirrah before deserting the group.

Dragons have a natural weakness to lightning so it makes sense that an axe with the power to dish out this type of elemental damage would be labeled as a slayer of dragons. This is a naming convention that spans the entire Dark Souls trilogy.


9 Black Knight Greataxe

Dark Souls 3 Best Weapons

Unlike many of the other weapons on this list that host a combination of elemental and physical damage, the Black Knight Greataxe earned its spot solely through physical damage. This large menacing collection of metal swings for 216 damage and scales well with the strength attribute.

This greataxe can only be acquired by defeating a Black Knight and hopping it drops it. It's important to note that the Black Knight must be wielding the greataxe for it to have the chance of dropping it upon its death.

Dark Souls 3 Best Weapons

The reward for those who manage to defeat the Soul of Cinder and acquire its boss soul happens to be a greatsword that resembles the Coiled Sword players remove from the chest of Iudex Gundyr at the beginning of the game. The Firelink Greatsword is the very essence of the flame that permeates between all three games in the trilogy.

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Having the ability to hit for 89 fire damage and 128 physical damage in addition to it simply looking cool makes it well worth the investment in transposing the Soul of Cinder's soul as soon as possible.

7 Lothric Knight Greatsword

Dark Souls 3 Best Weapons

The Lothric Knight Greatsword is one of the few weapons included in this article that isn't made from the soul of a boss. Players can get their hands on it via a rare drop by a Lothric Knight or can purchase it from two different vendors in the game.

It has a connection to lightning which is apparent in the 87 lightning damage it inflicts, which is on top of the 131 physical damage it produces. Players who prefer a mix of dexterity and strength in their builds will find this weapon as an ideal choice for their adventure through madness.

6 Gargoyle Flame Hammer

Dark Souls 3 Best Weapons

Gargoyles were some of the first bosses that had to be overcome in the Dark Souls trilogy, so it's only fitting one of their weapons ended up being quite powerful. With a combined power of 122 physical damage and 100 fire damage, the Gargoyle Flame Hammer is nothing to scoff at.

It is imbued with The Profaned Flame which explains why the fire never goes out. Among the gargoyles living in the Profaned Capital, it seems to be the weapon of choice for them regardless of who or what they're facing.

5 Lorian's Greatsword

Dark Souls 3 Best Weapons

It's a pretty common thing among royal families that the direct bloodline is almost always gifted incredible weapons, armor, etc. The world of Dark Souls is no different as Lorian, the elder brother of Prince Lothric, wields a powerful ultra greatsword.

This weapon is called Lorian's Great Sword and has 151 physical damage and will inflict 79 fire damage as well. It can leave a trail of fire on the ground, a power that imbued the sword as a result of Lorian defeating the demon prince all by himself.

4 Dark Hand

Dark Souls 3 Best Weapons

The only hand-to-hand weapon to make the list is arguably one of Dark Souls 3's most terrifying. It is said that the Dark Hand is an ancient relic from Londor and was once owned by a Primordial Serpent of some sort.

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Most of its strength and viability have to do with the fact that it hits for 150 dark damage, and, as a nice bonus, it also inflicts 88 physical damage. In the item description, it's stated that the Dark Hand takes the life essence of its victim, so it's very similar to the Abyss in that way.

3 Demon's Greataxe

Dark Souls 3 Best Weapons

If it wasn't for the weapon of the Old Demon King, this greataxe would be the most notable tool used by demons. On top of swinging for 88 fire damage, it will crush enemies with 157 physical damage. Unsurprisingly, it scales best with strength, which makes sense considering the player will need plenty of it to pick up the weapon.

Pure strength builds will find this weapon to be quite fun and will pack enough of a punch to dismantle enemies of numerous varieties.

2 Old King's Great Hammer

Dark Souls 3 Best Weapons

The Old Demon King is the boss that represents part of the finality of the trilogy of Dark Souls games. He's the last remaining demon and is sitting on a throne of its dead race. Its soul is still incredibly powerful and that's evident by the fact that the weapon made from its soul is so strong.

The Old King's Great Hammer hits for 180 physical damage at its base and adds on an additional 69 fire damage on top of that. It's said that the weapon has been around since the days of old Izalith.

1 Dragonslayer Greataxe

Dark Souls 3 Best Weapons

Coming in as the most powerful weapon, generally, is the Dragonslayer Greataxe. At its base, it dishes out a whopping 200 points of pure physical damage with an additional 74 points of lightning damage on top of that.

To acquire this weapon, the player must defeat the Dragonslayer Armour and obtain its soul. Once transposed, players will be able to use the heaviest greataxe in the game, provided they're built with the necessary attributes needed to wield it effectively.

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