Dark Souls 3 is the last entry in the dark fantasy franchise known for its tough-but-fair gameplay. Considered the spiritual successor of Demon's Souls, the franchise tells the story of The First Flame and the actions taken to prevent it from fading. Although the first game already had a lot of lore, the second and third games expanded the setting significantly.

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Since the world of Dark Souls is so dense and convoluted, the environmental storytelling reaches unbelievable levels of subtle explanations without exposure. Dark Souls 2 happens in a lost cycle between the first and last games. As a sequel, it makes several references to the first game. Following that trend, Dark Souls 3 also added its fair share of Easter Eggs.

10 Laddersmith Gilligan

Laddersmith Gilligan sitting and relaxing

When players arrive at the Profaned Capital, they can find a character from Dark Souls 2 near the bonfire. That character is Laddersmith Gilligan, a merchant who is mainly remembered for making stairs. By using his services, the Bearer of the Curse can access the Graves of Saints in a much safer way than dropping down.

Unfortunately, players only stumble upon his corpse in Dark Souls 3. It is not clear why he is there. In the age of fire, time doesn't work normally. So it is hard to know if he can live several centuries or if going from one game to the other felt like minutes.


9 Tsorig, The Knight Slayer


Tsorig is a Knight Slayer who invades after the first bonfire in the catacombs. He carries the Fume Knight's sword and wears Tarkus's armor. Tsorig's ring hides a secret that is easy to miss.

This NPC's item once belonged to characters from the first and second games. All characters who first owned those items were knights, which explains his name. Although his ring's name raises no suspicion, it both functions like and looks like an Ivory Warrior Ring. This shows Tsorig was possibly in both in Elum Loyce and the Brume Tower.

8 Pickle Pee, Pump-A-Rum Crow

Dark Souls 3 - Solaire's Armor

Dark Souls has a recurring kind of NPC that has been included in the games since Demon's Souls. The crow known as Pickle Pee, Pump-a-Rum Crow is an NPC that cannot be attacked or seen. It is Dark Souls 3's version of this recurring type of character in the Souls games.

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On the roof of the Firelink Shrine, players can go to a remote area after an illusory wall to find a nest where they are supposed to drop items. The crow will trade items with the players, often rewarding the Ashen One with something rare like the Solaire's armor and shield.

7 The Fire Keeper Emotes

Dark Souls 3 - The firekeeper laughs at the Ashen One

In Dark Souls, Fire Keepers are NPCs who are responsible for kindled bonfires. All known firekeepers have a form of disability. Although the one from Dark Souls 3 is blind, possibly a reference to Demon's Soul, she reacts to the player's emote.

In Souls games and Bloodborne, it is not unusual to see emotes causing a reaction in NPCs. The nameless Fire Keeper will laugh at something silly, turn around as if showing her outfit or something else, depending on what the player is doing.

6 Ornstein's Set

Dark Souls - dragonslayer ornstein stares at the chosen undead

Players never got a clear explanation of what happened to Ornstein. His armor, or at least something very similar, appears in Dark Souls 2. The character wearing it is called the Old Dragonslayer, and it is never explained if he is Ornstein or someone else.

Things get even more confusing in Dark Souls 3. Ornstein's original set can be found in a secret location called Archdragon Peak. After defeating the Nameless King, players might notice Ornstein's weapon and spear on the floor. There is no way to know what the location of his armor means for the lore, though.

5 Patches Still Hates Clerics

Dark Souls 3's Patches

Patches the Hyena, or Trusty Patches, is a compelling character in Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3. Patches is a dangerous and deceiving merchant who can try to trick or even kill the player. He often shows how he significantly dislike clerics.

Following his lore and being true to the character, the writers of Dark Souls 3 added a special touch to Patches. If the player chose cleric as a class, Patches has a unique dialogue to make it clear he still dislikes clerics.

4 Calamity Ring's Return

Calamity Ring's text says it has no useful power

Considered a way to play Hard Mode in Dark Souls, the Calamity Ring causes players to take double damage when wearing it. The original text used to define it as "a useless ring befitting of no finger. Best left unknown, or at least well hidden."

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The ring appears once again in Dark Souls 3 if players perform the Path of the Dragon gesture in front of a statue in Archdragon Peak. This time, the ring has a text that says it still is useless, although people thought it had a deeper meaning. It is a secret ring that makes fun of people who thought it had a hidden purpose in the first game.

3 Quelana's Body

Quelana's body near a dead spider

Quelana is one of the seven daughters of the Witch of Izalith. She sells pyromancy spells to the chosen undead and is able to upgrade the player's pyromancy flame. Although she looks alive and well in the first game, she did not survive the events between the first and third games.

Although her remains are hidden in the Smouldering Lake, players can find her body in the Demon Ruins near a giant spider that might be the White Queen or Queelag. Next to Quelana, players will find her pyromancy tome.

2 Nashandra

Nashandra's Portraint in Irithyll

Nashandra is a character from Dark Souls 2 that was born from the remains of Manus, the Father of the Abyss. Upon having his essence shattered, the pieces became Children of Dark. Nashandra sought the Throne of Want and married King Vendrick in Dark Souls 2.

Although many players insist the second game is not connected to the first and third one, there is plenty of proof that this is not the case. In fact, Nashandra's Portrait is direct evidence of how she is somehow connected to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.

1 Dragon Form

Dark Souls 3 - Ashen one in Dragon Form

Each Dark Souls game so far has a way for players to somewhat turn into a dragon. In the first game, the Dragon Head Stone turned the Chosen Undead's head into one of a dragon. It was said that the Dragon Stone was "imbued with the power of dragons. Rite of apostles of the ancient dragons."

In Dark Souls 3, unlike the first two games, the Ashen One transforms their whole body instead of only having a dragon head. However, this time, players have to follow a series of events and pick all dragon stones in the Archdragon Peak. The Ashen One can't transform while wearing armor. Some players believe that it is a tip to what happened to Ornstein.

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