The Dark Souls series is one that keeps on giving. Since its launch back in 2011, fans have gone over the series with a fine-tooth comb and found some interesting things through the years.

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Although most of the game's surprisingly deep and descriptive lore is hidden behind equipment descriptions, there are a few interesting theories that players have put together as the series has gone on over the years. Although most players are there to soak up the grim and gritty atmosphere or the creative and memorable boss fights, there are still a few interesting facts about the lore that you might have missed.

10 The Moonlight Greatsword Keeps Reappearing

Dark Souls Moonlight Great Sword

The Moonlight Greatsword is one of the most iconic weapons in the series, and it keeps coming back for each subsequent game over the years. After first appearing in Demon Souls, it later popped up in Dark Souls after players cut the tail off Seath The Scaleless, then again in DS2 from The Dukes Dear Freja as the Pale Drake Soul she drops allows it to be crafted.

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In DS3, it came from another white Dragon, the insane King Oceiros. Finally, Bloodborne was its most notable appearance as Ludwig seems to obsess over the mystical blue blade.


9 Artorias Fights At Half-Power

Dark Souls Artorias

Alongside the famous walking meme, Solaire, Artorias The Abyss Walker is perhaps one of the coolest boss fights and knight designs in the entire Dark Souls series. But, did you know that as hard as the battle against him is, he's only at half-power?

During the fight, Artorias carries his signature Great Sword in his right arm. This is because his left arm (his normally dominant one) has been broken after he lost his fight against Manus. Once you realize this, it makes the fight against him that much more impressive because, for a man with a shattered arm, he still puts up one hell of a fight.

8 Hawkeye Gough Isn't Really Blind

Dark Souls Hawkeye Gough

Hawkeye Gough is famous in the Dark Souls community for being the one who invented the Archtree Carvings, items players can drop that give audio cues like greetings or thanks in Gough's goofy baritone voice. He appears in Darkroot Gardens and is crucial in bringing down Black Dragon Kalameet to fight.

Canonically in the game, he's supposed to be blind, but he's technically not. The eyeholes of the gigantic iron helmet he wears are blocked with a resin that was put there by the people of the township he protects because they dislike Giants. If he took it off, he would be fine, and his vision would be unaffected But unfortunately, Giants in Dark Souls are renowned for being not that bright, so Gough just assumed he had gone blind and doesn't take it off to check.

7 Sif's Secret Cutscene

Dark Souls Siff

Owners of the remastered version of the game or the Artorias The Abyss Walker DLC will be able to access a secret cutscene before Sif's boss fight that makes the whole battle just that little bit sadder.

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Before fighting Sif the Great Grey Wolf, fight through the DLC area of Oolacile to the area boss Manus. On the way down, you'll get to free Sif who was placed in a protective Ward by Artorias as the two made their escape after losing to Manus.

Freeing Sif will allow you to summon him into the boss fight and, should he survive, you'll see a short cutscene later where he recognizes you in the future and pauses, unsure of what to do. It's a really touching moment that makes the inevitable fight that much more personal.

6 The Demons In Lost Izalith Might Have Once Been Human

Dark Souls Capra Demon

One of the more interesting theories in the Dark Souls community is the origin of the Demons within Lost Izalith. The various demons throughout the area all drop humanity, and, due to the warping nature of the Chaos Flame, it's been theorized that they were once the original people that populated the city before its downfall.

For example, the Capra and Taurus Demons could be farmers blended by Chaos with their cattle. This is further supported by the fact that the infamous Witches of Izalith are all blended with spiders that were in their caves, yet, because they have a higher affinity with the magic they were able to retain their original forms.

5 You Don't Have To Fight The Iron Golem Directly

Dark Souls Iron Golem

Occasionally in the Souls series, there will be more than one way to beat a boss, as there are often various gimmicks in some of the fights. A classic sword-and-shield approach can work for the most part, but sometimes there are more unique ways to bring down the big monsters. One particularly interesting method is in the Iron Golem fight atop Sen's Fortress.

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Before entering the Fog Gate, you can summon in an NPC called Black Iron Tarkus. This chunky lad will tear past you in the battle and will start railing on the Golem's shins. If he's close enough to the edge of the arena Tarkus will send the boss reeling over the side to their doom without you having to lift a finger to help. It's a silly and fun way to end what can be a particularly frustrating section of the game.

4 The Channeler In The Undead Chapel Has A Hidden Agenda

Dark Souls Channeler

Sometimes hidden bits of lore in Dark Souls games can be taken from various cues: dialogue from one of the games many weird NPCs, items in the area, and even the enemy placement therein. The Channeler in the Undead Chapel as an example has a particularly dark and nasty reason for appearing there so early in the game, if you take a closer look.

Nosing around the area he patrols, you'll notice that it's filled with various empty barrels and shambling Hollows. This hints at what his plans could be. Fan theories seem to think his goal was to collect more Hollows to stick in the barrels that he would later take to Seath for crystal experimentation.

3 All The Firekeepers Have Been Affected By The Flame

Dark Souls Firekeeper

At some of the bonfires around the world of Dark Souls are Firekeepers. These wardens maintain the flame and keep the bonfire active for that particular location.

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But an interesting thing about each of these guardians is that they have been altered by the flame in some way. Whether by chance or design, each one has something that makes them different from the other humans around them. Anastacia of Astora is mute, Quelaag's sister has been warped into the form of a spider that can't move, and the Darkmoon Knightess is said to be hiding a writhing swarm of living Humanity underneath her shining armor. It's a unique connection that may hint at the nature of the Flame and how it can affect those that maintain it.

2 The References to Beserk

Dark Souls Baldurs armour

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of Dark Souls, is a massive fan of the Berserk manga and it definitely shows in the game, from various enemy designs across the different series to specific armor and weapon sets.

Artorias himself also uses some of the manga's lead characters' signature moves, such as spinning the Greatsword around for maximum damage or launching into a huge flip with it. There are also references to wolves, with Artorias being known as the Wolf Knight in the lore and the game also having Sif, whilst the lead in Berserk wears the Berserker Armour, which also takes the form of a Wolf.

1 The Havel Rebellion Conspiracy

Dark Souls Havel The Rock

One of the series' most recognizable characters that have been referenced in one form or another, Havel the Rock is known for his unusual armor choice of solid rock and a massive Great Club.

When he's first encountered locked away in a tower in the Undead Burg, it's said he was imprisoned there against his will by Gwyn, but it's never elaborated on the reason as to why.

But, fans have pieced together clues that point to him being the patsy in a faux-rebellion against Gwyn that was created by Seath the Scaleless in an attempt to get rid of a warrior that was a threat to Seath and the other dragons in the world, Havel. Their relationship being referenced by the Great Magic Barrier's item description says they are mortal enemies.

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