Dauntless Reforged, the largest expansion in the game's history, is finally available for download. The update brings plenty of new content for you to explore, including a new way to hunt, a branching progression system, and a Reforge system to let you unlock passive bonuses for your gear.

A full list of changes can be found on the official Dauntless website, but here are the big features you'll want to check out:

Hunting Grounds

This is billed as Dauntless' "biggest and most ambitious hunt type yet." Hunting Grounds provides you with 18 new islands to explore, each one loaded with flora, fauna, treasure, and – of course – Behemoths. The islands can hold up to 6 slayers at a time and includes a drop-in/drop-out function to easily form your party. The islands will also be featured in several upcoming events that will see you tackling various challenges and exploring every corner of the new locales.

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Slayer's Path

The Reforged update brought sweeping changes to the way you level up your character in the form of Slayer's Path. This branching system gives you a main path that runs vertically – made up of 12 milestones – and side paths – nodes that run horizontally to specific main path milestones. While the main path will unlock just by earning experience and leveling up your weapon skills, side paths will need to be earned a different way. Some task you with tackling a side quest, while others might require you to invest rams and merits. Each node you unlock will give you access to new perks, making it easier to bring down tough Behemoths.



You'll now be able to upgrade your weapons with the Reforge system, unlocking passive bonuses to assist you in combat. If you really want to get the upper hand you can Power Surge gear, too. This technique will " take a single weapon or piece of gear and push it beyond its normal power limits – permanently."

Beyond those three big additions, you'll also see gliders in the Hunting Grounds that let you quickly travel across the expansive isles. There's even a new Cold Front Hunt Pass, loaded with Frostwarden-themed items to help you gear up and tackle all the challenges that lie ahead.

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