Dauntless update 1.7.0 is bringing the thunder. The Wild Thunder update brings a huge change to the way Hunters build their characters with the addition of all-new Omnicells. Unlike regular cells, Omnicells come with both passive and active perks that have a drastic effect on the way a hunt unfolds.

There are three Omnicells to choose from: Bastion, Iceborne, and Discipline. Dauntless fans likely noted that there already exist regular Iceborne and Discipline cells, but those Hunters that already have those cells will be gifted the Omnicell version along with 150 Steel Marks for each normal Discipline cell.

Bastion is all about generating shields for a flashy AOE damage explosion. With this Omnicell equipped, Hunters increase their shields received by 15% and dealing damage grants 25 shield health that stacks up to 500 and lasts for 25 seconds. Activating the active perk (which is done via what used to be the Lantern button) causes the Hunter to slam the ground dealing an AOE burst that equals 150% of your shield's health. Cooldown is 30 seconds.

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The redesigned Iceborne passive increases max player health by 100 and gives a stacking 1% lifesteal and 5% reduced damage for every 150 missing health. Taking damage also reduces the active perk cooldown by five seconds (which itself has a cooldown of every five seconds).

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Iceborne's active perk launches an ice lance that does 1,500 frost damage and double that if thrown at full health. It also prevents staggering and grants 10% lifesteal for eight seconds. This one has a 60-second cooldown.

Finally, Discipline is a high-risk, high-reward Omnicell. Gain a 10% crit damage increase, but healing is reduced by 50%. Getting max stacks on Flaming Fist (Discipline's active perk) grants the Disciplined status, increasing critical hit chance by 50% for 40 seconds but also increases the damage you receive by 100%. All stacks are lost after Disciplined ends.

Flaming Fist is Discipline's active perk. Performing a quick parry deals 300 blaze damage, grants a 300% damage buff, and a stack of Flaming Fist for an additional 3% crit damage. Get four stacks to become Disciplined with a 15-second cooldown.

All Omnicells unlock at level seven on the Slayer's Path.

Along with the Wild Thunder update comes the weekly Heroic Escalation, featuring reworked Behemoths with new moves and combos. Defeating these Behemoths grants elemental crowns and other stuff. The Wild Thunder Hunt Pass grants the new Ostian Hinterlands Rangers skins and Reward Caches have been refreshed with some new goodies.

There's also lots of balance changes and a perk rework to check out, so take a look at the patch notes for more.

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