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If you’re wondering how hard it is to get all of Days Gone’s achievements and trophies, you’ll be happy to know that it’s actually not one of the most difficult games when it comes to trophy and achievement hunting. Especially if you’re only aiming to get the platinum trophy on Playstation as you won’t have to get the free DLC trophies since they were only added later on after the game’s release and count as add-ons.

Here's every trophy and achievement in the game and how to get them.

Base Game Trophies In Days Gone - Main Storyline

Days Gone Protagonist facing a horde of zombies

These trophies are those that you’ll receive by simply playing through the game’s main campaign. These are all story-related trophies so they cannot be missed.

Trophy Title Mission You Need To Complete
Just A Flesh Wound You Got A Death Wish
Special Delivery Chasing Leon
The End And The Means They're Not Sleeping
Lost And Found No One Saw It Coming
Brothers In Arms I Could Use A Hand
Take Back Your Name Should Have Seen It Coming
Riding Nomad Riding Nomad Again
Hold On Tight A War We Can Win
It's Getting Cold Outside We Couldn't Take The Risk
Morior Invictus Ascending From The Underworld
I've Been Waiting For This For An Outlaw Biker
Days Gone Complete the main story

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Base Game Trophies In Days Gone - Side Content

Deacon trying to take out a loudspeaker at a NERO checkpoint in Days Gone

You can receive the following trophies by completing some of the game’s side content. They’re acquired by completing additional storylines that don’t count towards finishing the main campaign.


Ambush Camp Hunter

Complete the Ambush Camp Hunter storyline to get this trophy. Scattered throughout the map, there are a total of 14 Ambush Camps that you need to take down in order to receive this trophy. Each camp you clear out will unlock crafting recipes that will help you in the main campaign.

Infestation Exterminator

Complete the Infestation Exterminator storyline to get this trophy. The game has several infestation zones, clearing an infested area will make it possible for Deacon to fast travel to a point across it. So, it’s quite handy to do this as soon as you can. It will also make it a much safer area overall. Here are more detailed guides for the areas you need to clear:

Marauder Camp Hunter

Complete the Marauder Camp Hunter storyline to get this trophy. You will receive locations to several Marauder Camps as you progress through the game’s main story. Defeat all ten Marauder Camps and you’ll unlock this trophy.

World’s End

Complete the World’s End storyline to get this trophy. You can 100 percent this storyline by doing all NERO Checkpoints and NERO Research Site tasks.

Doing all of this will also allow you to see an extremely important cutscene during the game’s epilogue, what many players call Days Gone's secret ending.

Base Game Trophies In Days Gone - Specific Requirements

Days Gone Bird's Eye View of a Settlement in the game

The trophies below can easily be acquired by simply playing the game normally although some require you to do specific things. We’ll go over them and explain how to get each and every one of them.

One Down

You have to defeat your first horde to get this trophy. You will get it sooner or later since you'll have to take down a couple of hordes as part of the game’s main story. Although if you’re feeling brave enough you can try doing it beforehand.

Farewell Drift

As you play the game, you will accumulate a considerable amount of seconds drifting on your bike. You’ll hear this trophy pop once you accumulate a total of ten minutes.

This Is A Knife

You need to kill either a Breaker, a Reacher, or a Rager with a knife in order to get this trophy. You can try to stab them with your boot knife until they reach zero health but it’s much easier if you unlock the Executioner skill. With this skill, you can sneak up to these larger enemies and stealth kill them with your knife.

Ghost Of Farewell

You will get this achievement as soon as you get 100 stealthy kills. You can easily do this if you often sneak behind enemies to kill them.

Old Reliable

Be sure to always have a crafted weapon on you so you can get this achievement. You’ll get the Old Reliable trophy once you take down 200 enemies with a crafted weapon.

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Variety Is The Spice Of Life

There are five types of bolts in Days Gone, the regular crossbow bolt, the residue bolt, the poison bolt, the incendiary bolt, and the explosive bolt. You need to kill an enemy with every type of bolt to get this achievement.

Farewell Original

Get this trophy by purchasing an upgrade for your bike under the performance, visual and paint categories.

First Time Buyer

Upgrade your bike for the first time to receive this trophy. You can do this by purchasing any upgrade.

Burnout Apocalypse

You’ll most likely only get this trophy in the late game because you need to have upgraded your nitro considerably in order to do this. To do this you need to use nitro and drift at the same time on your bike for five consecutive seconds.

The Art Of Bike Repair

Apply 100 pieces of scrap to your bike to get this trophy. If you want to get this done quickly and without having to purposely destroy your bike, you might not want to acquire the Monkey Wrench skill. This skill actually makes scrap more effective on your bike so that you don’t have to apply as much scrap to repair it.

Days Gone Deacon Reunited with his wife riding on his bike

You’ve Got Red On You

Collect a total of 541 items from corpses to get this trophy. Why this number specifically? Because 541 is Bend Oregon’s area code, it’s a nice little Easter Egg.

Lend Me Your Ears

Here’s another Easter Egg. You get this trophy once you've collected 989 Freakers ears. This is a nod to 989 Studios which published Syphon Filter made by the now Bend Studio. You can easily get this achievement by playing the game, especially once you tackle some hordes.

Finders Keeper

Find one collectible to get this trophy.

Wannabe Fortune Hunter

Find more than 50 percent of all collectibles in the game to get this trophy. There are 240 collectibles total.

The Broken Roadshow

Find more than 75 percent of all collectibles in the game to get this trophy.

Surviving Isn’t Living

You will sometimes find survivors, they’ll always be in a sticky situation. Help these people and then talk to them to send them into one of the survivor camps. Help ten survivors and you’ll get this trophy.

tracking two dog days gone

Better Living Through Chemistry

Upgrade Deacon’s health, stamina or focus for the very first time. You will find NERO injectors throughout the game in NERO Checkpoints and Research Sites.

Performance Enhanced

Keep upgrading either your health, stamina or focus and max out one of them to receive this trophy.

Best Friends Forever

Get this trophy by getting Level Three Trust with an encampment. To do this you need to accumulate 25,000 Trust Points.

Best Friends Forever (For Life)

Get this trophy by getting Level Three Trust with three different encampments. Although it seems like a difficult trophy, it’s relatively easy if you do all of the side content and take down some hordes.

Make It Rain

Spend a total of 20,000 credits at the same encampment to unlock this trophy. If you want to get this done faster just purchase ammo and fuel for your bike instead of finding it out in the world.

Welcome To The Party, Pal

If you clear out all Ambush Camps, Infestation Zones, and NERO Checkpoints in the same region you’ll get this achievement.

Kitchen Courier

Collect any plant or meat from any animal and then sell them at one of the encampments. You only need to do this once to get the trophy.

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Don’t Stop me Now

Get enough experience points to earn a skill point. Then, unlock your first skill to receive this trophy.

I’m Out Of Control

Unlock a total of 15 skills. You will receive experience points for human, animal, and Freaker kills. If you want to speed things up, taunt Screamers so they will call more Freakers over or start taking down some hordes.

There’s No Stopping Me

Unlock a total of 30 skills.

Mr. Fahrenheit

Unlock a total of 45 skills.

Go Kick Rocks

There are several Anarchist Cairns scattered throughout the map of Days Gone. Kick down 12 Anarchist Cairns to unlock this achievement. Here's a guide to where you can find all of them.

D.I.Y. Oregonian

Craft a total of 50 items. To get this done faster, always heal yourself whenever you can so you can craft more bandages. You can also consume health, focus, and stamina cocktails even when the meters are full and then craft some more.

Days Gone DLC Survival Mode Trophies

Days Gone Nero Soldier Running

After the base game was released, Bend Studio added some free DLC to the game. Along with the DLC, fans got a few more trophies to unlock. However, if you’re only trying to get the Platinum, you don’t need to worry about these.

There are two Survival Mode trophies.

Surviving Is Living

You’ll unlock this trophy if you beat the game’s story in Survival Mode.

Days Gone In 60 Seconds

You need to defeat a horde in under a minute to get this trophy. Thankfully there are smaller hordes that you can easily takedown. We’ve made a list with all of the hordes and they’re all numbered.

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Days Gone New Game+ Trophies

Days Gone fight scene where the main character is taking cover from a sniper

There are three trophies you can only get if you play New Game+. Try to pair them with the Survival Mode trophies if you want a little more challenge.

One More Ride

You’ll unlock this trophy if you beat the game’s story in New Game+.

2 Days 2 Done

You’ll unlock this trophy if you beat the game’s story in New Game+ on Hard II or Survival II.

Logan’s Shadow

There is a mysterious weapon you can only get in New Game+. Kill an enemy with every type of ammo from this weapon and you’ll get this trophy.

Days Gone Challenge Mode Trophies

A screenshot from Days Gone

The following trophies can only be earned in Challenge Mode.

Participation Award

Earn a Bronze Medal in a challenge.

Second (The) Best

Earn a Silver Medal in a challenge.

Golden Boy

Earn a Gold Medal in a challenge.

I Make This Look Good

Earn a Gold Medal in a challenge while you have a character skin and custom accent equipped.


Upgrade a ring fully. Do this as your rank increases and your credits as well.

Gold Team Rules

Get a Gold Medal in all of the challenges.

You Done Good, Kid

All challenges have sub-challenges, earn a medal in all of them to get this trophy.

Dolla Dolla Bills, Y’all

Spend a total of 3,000 credits on your character’s loadout.

Lost & Damned

Reach Founder rank.

Gotta Patch ‘Em All

You need to meet certain unlock requirements to get a specific patch. Do this with all available patches and you will earn this trophy. The boosts the patches give you will also cross over to the main campaign.

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