DayZ has now been unbanned in Australia, as the planned restorative item based around cannabis has been scrapped.

DayZ had been rejected for a physical release by the Australian Classification Board due to its portrayal of drug use, as a planned item was going to allow the player to heal damage by smoking a marijuana joint. DayZ was also pulled from all digital storefronts. It should be noted that medical cannabis was made legal in Australia as of 2016, but there are restrictions on its depiction in the media.

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Bohemia Interactive previously stated that every version of DayZ would be updated to match the Australian version of the game in terms of content. It seems that they have made good on this promise, as Kotaku Australia has revealed that the Australian Classification Board has given an updated version of DayZ the MA15+ rating, which means that the physical version of the game can now be sold and the digital version of the game will return to online storefronts.


It seems that the modified version of DayZ has removed all references to cannabis, which is a change that will also be part of the international versions of the game.

Australia has had a long history of banning video games due to objectionable content related to drugs, as Saints Row IV was also banned due to the "Alien Narcotics" mission in the game, which had to be removed in order for it to be released. There have also been games that needed the removal of content relating to nudity, such as The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and South Park: The Stick of Truth, as well as games that came under fire due to depictions of violence, such as Reservoir Dogs and Syndicate

It seems unlikely that the Australian Classification Board is going to loosen up any time soon, so it's likely that more games will need to be edited in the future if developers want a worldwide release.


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