Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot may be an expansive open-world title, but its combat system leaves something to be desired. It initially feels very shallow but doesn't really expand too much as you level up. Certain skills you learn at the absolute start are the same ones you'll be using right before the credits roll, which can be a bit monotonous. There are a few extra techniques that might help speed things up, however.

One of these happens to be the "Surprise Attack" maneuver. Just as the name says, a surprise attack is when you take the enemy by surprise. This allows you to get some damage in on foes before you even begin battling them. It closely relates to the "Instant Victories" mechanic that is linked to a few achievements/trophies.

To initiate a surprise attack, you'll have to boost straight at an enemy from behind them. They cannot see you or else you'll lose the element of surprise. If the enemy is roughly five levels below you, you'll one-hit KO them for an instant victory. If they are the same level as you or higher, you'll perform the surprise attack.

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That isn't the best description possible, but a lot of DBZ: Kakarot players are still testing the parameters for what constitutes each attack. The most successful method is the one described here: boosting behind an enemy when they are equal or higher level. You'll likely initiate a surprise attack without even trying on some foes, which could get you in trouble if you were trying to blitz past someone 20 levels above you.


Some people are reporting that boosting into enemies that aren't exactly five levels below you will give them this, but the general consensus seems to be remaining unseen. It's kind of strange how Bandai Namco included a mechanic and didn't think to explain its usage, but that's what we're here for. Now you can get to surprise attacking enemies without having to smash your head into a wall discovering how.

With this discovery, it begs the question of what other hidden mechanics Bandai Namco snuck into Kakarot. Can you go Super Saiyan without building energy? Can you revive without senzu beans? There's probably a ton of extra moves waiting in the shadows for players to uncover.

Source: Reddit

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