Horror game Dead By Daylight is going strong, thanks to its devs constantly releasing new DLC content and challenges to keep the game fresh. The concept is simple: one killer, four survivors, each map based on a different horror franchise.

The survivors' objective? Escape.

The killer's? Stop that from happening.

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To escape as a survivor, you're going to want to stay away from the killer as much as possible, because staying out of their grasp means a much higher chance of escaping—but when they're stalking the map looking for you, how exactly do you ensure they can never find you?

Listen For The Heartbeat

Dead by Daylight Survivor Alone

The most obvious tip you can be given to stay away from the killer is to put in your earphones, turn up the volume, and listen for the telltale heartbeat that means the killer is approaching.

When this happens, move slowly away from it until you can no longer hear it, and keep going in that direction.

Sneak, Don't Sprint

Dead By Daylight crouched survivors

If you think you're near the killer or hear the dreaded heartbeat, you might find yourself tempted to sprint off. Sprinting is the fastest a survivor can move, but it isn't your best chance of losing the killer.

Sprinting makes noise and leaves temporary scratch marks that the killer can follow. If you're dashing around the map as a survivor, they're much more likely to be alerted to your presence. Instead, crouch and move slowly unless you're directly in the killer's line of sight and need to make a break for it.


Patience is key. You might want to get places fast but by doing it, you might as well be holding up a large red flag to let the killer know your location.

Avoid Generators

Dead by Daylight running from generator

If you really don't want to be a team player and are only interested in escaping and letting everyone else do the work for you, you can avoid generators.

A good killer will stalk the generators, as this is where survivors appear, and the last thing the killer wants is for them to be working. When five are working, the doors will open and allow the survivors to flee, meaning the killer loses.

Crawling around the edge of the map and avoiding them means they're unlikely to stumble across you.

There's a catch—this means you can't help get them working, and your team's going to be pretty mad at you. This is generally only acceptable in your first couple of matches, when you're still getting used to the game and just want to feel out the map. Still, it's technically a very good way to avoid the killer finding you.

Practice Skill Checks

When you do try to fix the generators, you'll be met with random mechanisms known as skill checks. A circle will pop up and as the arrow moves around it, you'll have to hit a button right as it's in the safe zone.

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It might sound easy, but it can take a few tries to get right. If you fail a skill check, the generator will make a noise and the killer will be alerted to your location.

Accept that you will fail your first few skill checks and likely get hooked, and embrace it, but you should get good a fast as possible.

Drop Pallets

Dead by Daylight Pallet

If you do get spotted by the killer, finding a pallet is the best way of losing them again. Dropping one at the right moment will mean the killer is stunned, forced to look away, and you can lose them by dashing in an unexpected direction.

Fix Up Injuries, And Fast

If you get injured, you'll leave a trail of blood wherever you go and your character will moan in pain. This means you need to locate another survivor to fix you up, unless you have a perk that means you can do it yourself.

It's a rookie mistake to let an injury lie and try to hide, because said injury makes you easy to find and finish off. Be brave if you end up bleeding and track down your other survivors, or chests that might have medical kits in them you can use on yourself.

Use Perks

There are many perks that survivors can get to help you stay away from the killer, including:

  • Dance With Me: the survivor leaves no scratch marks for three seconds after vaulting or breaking free of a locker in a sprint
  • Diversion: you can throw a pebble to distract the killer
  • Fixated: you walk 20% faster, as long as you're at full health
  • Head On: you stun the killer while leaving a locker at a sprint
  • Lightweight: scratch marks stay visible for three seconds less time
  • Lucky Break: you won't leave blood trails for 3 minutes after being injured
  • Off The Record: when breaking off a hook, your cries of pain can't be heard and your Aura can't be shown to the killer for 80 seconds
  • Poised: after a generator is finished, there are no scratch marks for 80 seconds
  • Premonition: you're warned when looking in the killer's direction
  • Quick & Quiet: provides noise reduction
  • Self-care: you can heal yourself, and don't need to find another survivor
  • Small Game: another one that can warn you when looking in the killer's direction
  • Spine Chill: you're warned when the killer is looking in your direction
  • Technician: you're quieter when repairing generators
  • Urban Evasion: when crouching, you can move 150% faster
  • Windows Of Opportunity: you can see pallets within 20 meters around you

Getting any of these perks will help you stay away from the killer, as well as some others!

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