Behavior Interactive has revealed The Twins as the newest Killer in Dead by Daylight. “A Binding of Kin” gives us a peek at what can only be described as the most innovative Killer design ever in Dead by Daylight, which is quite a feat after the outstanding work done in designing The Blight in the most recent new content update.

The Twins, named Victor and Charlotte, are currently available for testing on the PTB servers, and much like The Blight, the newest Killer features high mobility, which is always a major problem for even the most veteran Survivors. The most recent data revealed by Behavior Interactive shows Freddy as the most effective Killer, who unsurprisingly happens to be the most mobile as well.

By default, The Twins begin as one single character that you control, with Charlotte literally carrying Victor inside of a large, gaping wound on the side of her chest. You can then activate Victor through the special ability “Blood Bond”, also referred to as “the baby” due to his diminutive size, who hops out of Charlotte’s chest. At this point, you directly control Victor, a fast but short character that can pounce to cover large distances quickly, either dealing one damage state to a Survivor or mounting their shoulders, similar to the special infected Jockey unit from the Left 4 Dead series.

Landing a successful pounce will leave the Survivor afflicted with the Broken, Oblivious, and Incapacitated status effects, and during that time, the auras of nearby Survivors will be revealed to Charlotte, making Victor act as a kind of information radar. Unlike other Killers, Victor's small size leaves him vulnerable to attack, and he can be crushed by Survivors when not controlled directly by the player, only to gradually regrow inside of Charlotte.


As always, there are six new perks that come with the newest Killer and Survivor, including:

  • Hoarder – (Killer) Receive a noise notification when Survivors interact with a chest or pick up an item.
  • Oppression – (Killer) When you damage a generator, up to three other random generators begin regressing.
  • Coup de Grace – (Killer) Each time a generator is completed, gain a token. Consume one toke to increase the distance of your next lunge by 100%.
  • Appraisal – (Survivor) Start the trial with three tokens. When a chest is opened, consume a token to search for an item. You unlock chests 80% faster.
  • Deception – (Survivor) Interacting with a locker while springing triggers a noise notification and cause you to leave no scratch marks for three seconds. You no longer enter lockers while sprinting while this perk is active.
  • Power Struggle – (Survivor) While being carried by The Killer, reaching 35% wiggle progress activates Power Struggle. While active, you can drop a nearby, standing pallet to stun The Killer.

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Early PTB testing shows The Twins as potentially one of the best, more effective new killers in Dead by Daylight. The combination of high mobility and creativity in how one places both characters as a player is sure to make the Killer easy to learn, but difficult to master. In many ways, The Twins feels like a leftover design concept for The Legion, but at the same time also completely distinct.

“A Binding of Kin” is sure to be a big hit once it launches in Dead by Daylight, though for now, you should remember that all of the information above is subject to change during this early period of testing. If we had to guess, it's the incredible mobility of The Twins that might soon be tuned down before going live.

Source: Dead by Daylight PTB

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