Dead Cells is a wonderful rogue-like game that takes skill, perseverance, and a lot of time. But no one can say this game isn't worth all that time and effort! It's an extremely enjoyable game that allows you to create this amazingly unique character, especially through the countless outfits you can place on the Beheaded.

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It's worth mentioning that the look you want for your character really depends on you. It's fully opinion based but still, some of the best outfits look badass, colorful, and allow you some bragging rights due to the difficult time you'll have trying to get hold of these. Nevertheless, these outfits are awesome to get and wear, if you can get hold of them.

10 Scarecrow 4

Dead Cells Scarecrow 4

Although you play as a headless(ish) character, you can't deny that a huge floppy hat isn't one of the best things about this outfit. There are five Scarecrow outfits and this is the second hardest one to get hold of but that doesn't mean it's second best. It depends on your preferences but this game has beautiful graphics and gameplay that are only emphasized by this outfit's beautiful pink color!

To get hold of this outfit you need to kill the scarecrow at a difficulty of 3 BSC and then head over to the Collector and spend 500 Cells to unlock it fully.


9 Furious Tick

Dead Cells Furious Tick

A little challenging to get hold of but super rewarding. The Furious Tick Outfit sports a darker, ninja-like body with a stunning purple belt and even cooler spikes down one side of the body. That's all awesome but one of the real eye-catchers on this outfit is the almost fluorescent pink crescent moon on top of your head. It matches perfectly with the spikes and really finishes the outfit off, making it perfect for a little boasting.

The challenge isn't one that becomes impossible but can be a bit of a pain to get to. The Furious Tick Outfit drops from the enemy, Mama Tick, and can only be found if you're playing at a difficulty of 4+ BSC. It also costs 750 Cells to unlock from the Collector once you get that blueprint.

8 Collector's Temporal

Dead Cells Collectors Temporal

If purple is your favorite color then this outfit is perfect for you. However, even if it's not you can't deny that this is a pretty cool outfit. This does require a fair bit of skill to get hold of. Nevertheless, this subtle yet colorful outfit is perfect for those preferring to focus on their gameplay rather than any distracting colors but still love to boast their technique. RELATED: The Best Dead Cells Blueprints (& Where To Find Them)

To get hold of this outfit you have to destroy the Time Keeper at a difficulty of 4 BSC or more. It's quite a challenge but after that's been completed head over to the Collector and purchase it for 750 Cells. Just make sure the Time Keeper drops the blueprint before!

7 Devoted Hand Of The King

Dead Cells Devoted Hand of the king

A little more subtle than the Furious Tick Outfit but perfect for those who don't want to stand out too much yet still want to show how skilled they are at Dead Cells. The Devoted Hand of the King makes you look like a knight in shining armor with its gold and silver combo. It's regal and undeniably badass.

It kind of makes sense that you need to defeat the Hand of the King to get hold of this Outfit. Just make sure you do it at a difficulty of 4 BSC or more and you'll be able to feel like a powerful knight. It costs 750 Cells to unlock the blueprint but it's so worth it.

6 Ultimate Concierge

Dead Cells Ultimate Concierge

Where the Devoted Hand of the King looks like you're in heavy armor, the Ultimate Concierge Outfit looks like medium armor. It still has the gold and silver streaks everyone loves but just feels a little more improved as it merges with tough armor and a brilliant flam on the top shoulder. It really depends on preferences with the Hand of the King and the Concierge but either way, this armor is just beautiful.

You have to defeat the Concierge to get hold of this blueprint, just make sure it's at a difficulty of 4 BSC or more and then all you need to do is unlock the blueprint from the Collector for 750 Cells.

5 Frustrated Giant's

Dead Cells Frustrated Giant's

A lot of the outfits in Dead Cells are pretty subtle and seem to be more based on a suit of armor rather than a more athletic approach. This is why the Frustrated Giant's outfit is just one of the coolest you can get! It's a beautiful light blue outfit with a purple belt and hand and ankle wraps that just all go together so well! It's so different from the other outfits and will really show anyone how skilled you are and how often you go against the norms. RELATED: Best Games With The Longest Time Spent In Early Access

Simply get to a difficulty of 4 BSC or more and try to defeat the Giant. It will be a challenge but for this outfit, it's so worth it. Spend 750 Cells with the Collector and this outfit will be yours.

4 Festive

Dead Cells Festive

It may not be the easiest outfit to get hold of but it's definitely one that stands out from the crowd and is just so different to any other outfits available. In true Dead Cells fashion, you can almost look like a neon Santa crossed with a Christmas tree but in a cool way! It's a really cool outfit that requires a fair amount of work to get hold of so it will be pretty impressive to wear.

To get hold of this outfit you'll need a Garland Key and for the difficulty to be 4 BSC or more. Then head to the 4 BSC door within the Cavern and you should find the blueprint. Then head off to the Collector and spend a smaller 500 Cells to get this awesome outfit.

3 King

Dead Cells King

The cooler outfits are typically harder to get and a lot rarer to come by. This is undeniably the case with the King Outfit. But just take one look at this badass outfit and you'll understand why it's so hard to get yet so awesome to get hold of. It's one of the fewer outfits that give the Beheaded a helmet that matches with the clothing itself. Nevertheless, this gold, black, red and purple armor screams royalty and is perfect for those players who prefer to go in hard and fast.

The King outfit can be obtained if you possess the King and then defeat the Collector themselves. It's not an easy challenge as it needs to be done at a difficulty of 5 BSC. But at least you don't need to go back to the Collector since this outfit is automatic and doesn't drop as a blueprint.

2 White King

Dead Cells White King

If you thought getting hold of the King Outfit was a challenge, try the White King Outfit! With this one, you don't need to possess the King but you do need to defeat the Collector, just without taking any damage. This all needs to be done at a difficulty of 5 BSC so good luck!

You may be wondering how all that hassle is worth this outfit. But first of all, look how cool it is! Second of all, think of the bragging rights you'd get by wearing the White King Outfit. It's a little less colorful compared to the King Outfit but it just looks so badass, and it's quite the challenge getting it!

1 Fallen Collector

Dead Cells Fallen Collector

The rarest and the best outfits from Dead Cells come from seemingly murdering the poor Collector. This is the same for the Fallen Collector Outfit in which you have to kill the collector twice before you can grab the blueprint. Go to a difficulty of 5 BSC and kill the Collector twice, on the second kill they should drop the Fallen Collector blueprint. Then, as awkward as it sounds, you need to go back to the collector and unlock it for 1000 Cells.

Just one look and you'll understand just how cool this outfit is. It makes you look practically indestructible, as well as badass.

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